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Thanks Minecraft Server Host! I really appreciate the quick response. Excellent work. I have been recommending you guys to my friends because of the quick response time and 99.999% uptime. Rock on!

- Jason

Hi, I just wanted to email and say that your customer service is phenomenal! This is my first host connected minecraft server as i've wanted to expand. However I was very hesitant to host connect, afraid for my server losing connection and getting no service, but I am so surprised and happy about all my issues and crashes you have helped me with, getting back so quickly. Thank you so much! I would reccomend you to anyone, keep it up.

- Cat

Minecraft Server Host was the fourth server hosting service we tried for minecraft, and they have been the best by far! Their server setup was FANTASTIC, allowing for plugins to be effortlessly installed.The support team is not only helpful, but polite as well! The server itself runs smoothly, with no lag reported at all. We are very pleased with their Minecraft Server Hosting services, and we are very glad we found them!

- Louis

Not sure if this is the right address to send these kinds of things but i just wanted to thank you very much for the very very fast service, the server works awesome! virtually no lag people can join with no hassle its amazing thanks again for the great service.

- Tyler

Thank you MinecraftServerHost, and staff for your excellent customer service and awesome server hosting. I enjoyed every minute of keeping people entertained and I am more than happy that I chose you to host my Minecraft server.

- Ed

Excellent performance great price, amazing support.

- Taco

I have been with MCSH for one year now and I cannot say enough good things about this company. They are prompt and courteous with their support tickets. The uptime has been amazing and our players all get excellent pings and no lag what so ever! My only complaint is that they only host minecraft :) If you are looking for quailty minecraft server hosting please do yourself a favour and choose these guys, I cannot recomend them enough!! Thank you so much.

- Danny

Overall experiences have been amazing. The prices are not bad at all. Over all, expect amazing, personal service, with performance that I feel is the best around. I feel that as our community grows, so will our dealings with minecraftserverhost.net. (Full forum review here)

- Peter

The service has be awesome and the turn around time on tickets is bar none. Very professional and prompt, and understanding as a fellow player ingame.

Thank you again for the wonderful time, the stress free minecraft hosting and excellent support :) I will recommended your hosting site for others that I may hear of that want to host.

- Steve

Thank you so much for your quick and helpful respond, everyone in our community is thankful.

Your the king of minecraft hosters, well done!

- Dan

We've been with our current host for almost 6 months now, and I think it's about time to let everyone know what we're getting..

Already before switching I sent an email to them asking some questions, and the reply came very quickly, even though it was outside their support hours. During ordering and setting up, communications were amazing.. We were up and running in less than 2 hours, most of that time being the time it took to upload the world files.

All I can say is, this is the best hosting solution I have ever seen.. I recommend these guys to everyone!

- Henning Pedersen (scandragon) RefugeeRP

I have been through 3 different hosting sites that have problems and terrible customer service. I thought i was DOOMED to host a server until I found this site. Let me emphasize this, THIS IS THE BEST MINECRAFT SERVER HOSTING SITE OUT THERE!! (Full forum review here)

- Swampage

After 8 Amazing months with MinecraftServerHost.net, I am stunned. Baffled, is a better word. The server, flawless. The players, Extremely happy. The support, Fast as light.

I can honestly say I think I'm obligated to tell all of you, this is THE host.

- Ryan

Thanks minecraftserverhost, simply put the sever is AWESOME!!!

- Tim

I honestly can't believe how much better this is from other companies I've used before, not only was setting up a breeze, but you get a choice of how to manage the server in addition to the very friendly support that i am getting, thanks so much!

- Jon

I just wanted to thank everyone in the support team for their excellent service. This has been a great experience and we hope to continue. The service is outstanding and the response time is phenomenal. The servers are just as awesome, with zero lag. Thanks again for everything!

- Thomas

MinecraftServerHost.net is an unparalleled hosting service that provides friendly, personal support for any issues related to maintaining a Minecraft server. I have been 100% satisfied with the service I have recieved from this site. I would recommend it to anyone looking to host a Minecraft server of their own.

- Stephen

You guys have definitely been by far the best customer service I have ever had to use, and that goes for everything in general.

- Nick

I'd be pretty screwed without you guy's. I love your customer service!
Thanks a million times over!

- Vaughan

If your looking for a minecraft server with excellent service I recommend these guys. Just give them a try. I guarantee you wont be disappointed and I stand by that. (Full forum review here)

- Chilldy

My server is hosted with MinecraftServerhost and it's fab. Amazing standard, amazing support...

- Amphios

Outstanding performance and unbelievably great customer service!

- Lazy_architect

You guys have gone over and beyond the call of duty to make our MC experience hands down 100x better than we expected when we decided that we wanted our own server for our world. Thanks for being awesome.

- Adam

I highly recommend this host. I just joined and they gave fantastic pre-order support.
They also were kind enough to personally email making sure everything was running smoothly and if I was happy with the service.

- Rikux

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