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Pixelmon Server Hosting

What you get with your order of a Pixelmon Server

  • Latest Pixelmon 5.0 server software pre-installed. The Pixelmon server including ForgeMod and Sponge will be online and running after your order has been processed. There is no need for the customer to setup anything server side, just login and start playing!
  • Easy Pixelmon updates through the control panel. Updating Pixelmon through our mPanel control panel is as simple as clicking a button, there is no need to manually upload or update files when a new version of Pixelmon is released.
  • Watch this video here to see the Pixelmon update and install process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUTud3P1SWU
  • Sponge pre-installed. Sponge allows customers to install Sponge plugins on their Pixelmon servers with ease!
  • Full control. You will be assigned as OP of your server and you will have complete access to all Pixelmon configuration files and server configuration files. There is nothing on your server that you will not be able to control with our top notch Pixelmon server hosting service.

If you order Pixelmon server hosting you will be placed in one of our four datacenters depending on your location: Dallas, Texas. Los Angeles, California. Tampa Bay, Florida. NYC, New York.

The Team:
Lead Designer - Mr.Masochism
Head Modeller - LightAdept
Necromancer - Grethen
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The Amazing Pokemon Mod for Minecraft

If you choose a Pixelmon server it includes installation of the latest Pixelmon server software. We strongly recomend choosing the mPanel control panel if you order a Pixelmon server. We also recomended selecting the Diamond plan or above as hosted Pixelmon servers can be very resource intensive.

Notice: For Updated Patch notes and features please visit our annoucements forum here.

637 pokemon
Modifies NO base files (Meaning it should work with any mod)
Configuration file to change spawning amounts, Block and item ID's
Comprehensive attack system featuring over 500 attacks (including status effects and stats modifiers)
Pokemon overlay showing current pokemon and their status
Functioning pokedex
Multiplayer supported! (including bukkit using bukkitforge)
Full PC storage system!
New Healing block!
Evolution stones!
New Capturing system!
Brand new models for pc and healer
3D pokeball and capture animation (now improved)
All Mob's to scale as specified by the bulbapedia
Battleable Trainers
Aggression system
Friendship System (Umbreon will evolve with it)!
Hammer and anvil crafting system for pokeballs!
Pokeballs now work in battle!
Apricorn trees
More Pokeballs: Heavy Ball, Level Ball, Love Ball, Moon Ball and Friend Ball + More!
New GUI's for battling, summary screen, and inventory, and more!
Fossil Machine for reviving fossils found around the world!
Trading! Trade pokemon with your friends! Evolve Pokemon!
Find Icy and Mossy stones throughout the world to evolve certain Pokemon!
and much, much more....!

Old Changelog Archives:

Pixelmon 4.0.5:


Added Ralts
Added Kirlia
Added Gardevoir
Added Gallade
Added http://www.pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=
Updated Vulpix to SMD
Updated Ninetales to SMD


Added a dialogue NPC


Added an option to make TMs infinite


Added Bright Powder
Added Ginema Berry
Added Jaboca Berry
Added Rowap Berry
Added Lagging Tail
Added Wise Glasses
Added Eject Button


Added Illusion
Added Harvest
Added Suction Cups
Added Shield Dust
Added Friend Guard
Added Stench


Added Disable
Added Last Resort
Added Thief/Covet
Added Psycho Shift
Added Snatch
Added Weather Ball
Added Entrainment
Added Payback
Added Natural Gift
Added Gravity
Added Power Swap
Added Guard Swap
Battle Fixes
Added Lax Incense battle effect
Fixed Hyper Beam (and variants)
Changed Mist protect message
Fixed Struggle activation message happening twice
Fixed Damp in double battles
Fixed Focus Band/Sash not working
Fixed Hyper Beam and variants granting invincibility during recharge
Fixed multihit attacks continuing if user faints to contact damage
Fixed order of Absorb Bulb/Cell Battery messages
Fixed Anger Point, Tinted Lens triggering at wrong time
Fixed U-Turn/Volt Switch switching out if battle is over
Fixed Teleport
Fixed Psych Up
Fixed Yawn always missing
Added Full Incense’s battle effect.
Fixed Quick Feet.
Fixed moves that never miss
Fixed Prankster and Stall
Fixed Smack Down not cancelling Fly/Bounce correctly
Changed accuracy and evasion stats to be combined before calculating final accuracy


Added a null check to fleeing
Added the Youngster Girl trainer skin
Turned the trainer editor into NPC editor
Move learning
Fixed newly learned moves being forgotten upon evolution
Added egg move Ally Switch to TM compatibility
Made some tools usable in Creative only
Fixed Ho-Oh model in Pokédex
Fixed Snubbull evolution
Pixelmon Grass now sounds like grass on place/break
Added support for gender-specific evolution
Added evolution by stone by gender
Made EV reducing Berries held items
Made certain Berries usable outside of battle
Made certain held items usable by the player in battle
Fixed Cocoa Beans drop grammar
Statuses are cured upon fainting.
Status markers update correctly when statuses are removed.
Made Splash target the user


Fixed fleeing crashes
Fixed Circle Throw/Dragon Tail/Roar/Whirlwind/Red Card forcing out Eggs
Fixed HMs breaking if used on Pokémon who already have 4 moves
Fixed Traders not saving
Fixed Shiny Pokémon always displaying as male in battle

Pixelmon 4.0:


Updated to Minecraft 1.8.0
Added status-healing Berries (Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Aspear, Persim, Lum, Pumkin, Drash, Eggant, Yago, Touga)
Added Air Balloon
Added Berry Juice
Added Rocky Helmet
Added Scope Lens
Added Sitrus Berry
Added Defog
Added Healing Wish
Added Knock Off
Added Roost's Flying type negation
Added interactions between weather and Growth/Synthesis/Moonlight/Morning Sun
Made auto-weather Abilities cause weather that lasts infinitely
Added battle timeout that force-ends battles that are frozen
Sleep counter is reset if afflicted Pokémon switches or battle ends.
Badly poisoned becomes normally poisoned if battle ends.
Removed Park Balls from PokéLoot/boss Pokémon
Added config settings for boss and hidden Ability spawn rates
Added config setting for PvP battles returning consumable held items after battle
Added config setting for the result of a force-ended battle
Print errors config setting is now enabled by default.
Added Zubat/Golbat to Deep Ocean to stop Lugia spawn spam
Removed healer sound


Fixed issue with MySQL dropping connection
/pokeheal command now heals Pokémon outside Poké Balls.
Fixed GS Balls being dropped by bosses
Fix camera bug caused by Mojang
Added messages for Berry/Gem/Status orb activation
Fixed increased critical hit ratio boosting items (Razor Claw, Lansat Berry)
Fixed Berries activating after the holder faints.
Fixed Gems and Shell Bell activating when opponent uses move on holder.
Fixed Absorb Bulb/Cell Battery
Fixed Motor Drive and Rattled raising the wrong Pokémon's Speed
Fixed Regenerator healing upon battle end
Fixed Coming Soon turning into a different implemented Ability upon battle start
Fixed Pokémon gaining Abilities prematurely if evolution is canceled
Added support for team statuses in double battles (Light Screen, Mist, Reflect, Safeguard, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Tailwind, Toxic Spikes)
Fixed Aromatherapy/Heal Bell
Explosion/Selfdestruct faint user if move fails to hit target.
Fixed Bounce/Dive happening in one turn
Fixed Focus Energy
Fixed Future Sight being lost if user switches
Fixed Leech Seed mechanics when switching
Fixed Light Screen
Fixed moves that have a chance to raise user's stats (e.g., Fiery Dance, Metal Claw) raising the opponent's stats
Fixed Pain Split setting opponent's health incorrectly
Fixed Reflect
Fixed Sleep Talk
Fixed Smack Down
Fixed entry hazards force-ending the battle
Fixed Thunder Wave hitting Ground types
Fixed Trick Room lasting a turn longer than it should
Fixed U-turn/Volt Switch for NPC Trainers
Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, etc. no longer allow switching/bag/fleeing during recharge turn.
If an opponent faints to U-turn/Volt Switch, the user of the move will switch out before the fainted opponent does.
Made multi-hit moves deal damage separately for each hit (fixes them with Sturdy/Focus Sash/Substitute)
Made Protect fail when used while opponent is switching
Multiple refinements to multi-turn moves
Charging turn is not stopped by Protect or Ability immunities
Fixed Outrage, etc. not confusing if move fails on ending turn
Fixed Sap Sipper/Water Absorb triggering twice on SolarBeam/Dive
Fixed Sky Attack continuing if blocked by Protect
Secondary effects no longer occur on charging turn.
Moves end correctly if they miss or are stopped by a status (e.g., paralysis, confusion).
Partially trapping effect is removed if move's user switches.
Safeguard now only protects from primary statuses and confusion that are not self-inflicted.
Transform now copies stats, stat changes, Ability, and type.
Fixed evolution at level 1 not learning correct level-up moves
Fixed transfer of multiple team statuses when switching (entry hazards, screens, Tailwind, etc.)
Fixed recurring status effects not occurring when switching in
Made recurring battle effects not occur if battle ends that turn
Fixed primary statuses not being saved upon switching
Fixed flinch affecting Pokémon switching in
Fixed confusion stacking with itself
Made confusion not tick down if another status prevents Pokémon from moving
Fixed battle freeze when both Pokémon faint at the same time
Fixed battle freeze when NPC Trainer's last Pokémon is KOed by indirect damage
Moved forced switching upon fainting to the end of the turn
Potential fix for Pokémon being invincible during battle
If damage is calculated to be less than 1 but more than 0, it rounds up to 1.
Fixed Houndour/Houndoom drops
Allowed Pokémon to drop items when KOed by indirect battle damage
Fixed NPC Trainer names not saving correctly
Fixed NPC Trainer battle initiation error if fought by another player after being previously defeated
Corrected breeding offspring for Magmar/Magmortar and Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop
Breeding strength rounds down to nearest multiple of 0.5.
Moved assorted messages to lang (fainting, level up, types in move select screen, growth, Natures, forced switch when fainting, target selection in double battles, Run Away, Roar/Whirlwind, Aromatherapy/Heal Bell)
Fixed messages for Destiny Bond, Attract, Sketch
Fixed Foul Play not showing type effectiveness message
Fixed failure messages for moves that cause status
Removed Inner Focus trigger message
Clear Body message only triggers against status moves.
10% chance for Bug Buzz to lower Special Defense instead of 100%
20% chance for Meteor Mash to boost Attack instead of 50%
Added DragonBreath to all Pokémon that get it as an Egg move
Fixed STAB with temporary type changes
Fixed Pokédex height and length for Lugia

Pixelmon 3.4:


Added Overcoat
Added Magic Guard
Added Wonder Skin
Added Trace
Added Super Luck
Added Steadfast
Added Weak Armour
Added Water Veil
Added Iron Fist
Added Reckless
Added Rock Head
Added Competitive
Added Defiant
Added Contrary
Added Simple
Added Unaware
Added Forewarn
Added Frisk


Added Psyshock
Added Psystrike
Added Frost Breath
Added Storm Throw
Added Taunt
Added Present
Added Wring Out


Added real time capability for servers (single player works too), extends day cycle to 24 hours - Affects spawns
Added Shiny Shuckles texture
Added Status Markers


Held item is consumed upon evolution
Check added for the correct time of day to evolve
Removed unused function in Contrary
Fixed increased critical ratios
Removed duplicate variables in AttackModifierBase, already inherited from EffectBase
Critical hits now ignore positive defence boosts and negative attack modifier
Allowed EV berries to raise happiness when EV is 0.
Intimidate now uses allowsStatChange
Clear Smog now does damage
Haze now affects everyone in double battles.
Clear Smog only affects the target.
Made following real world time off by default (change in the Pixelmon config)
Corrected the number of obtainable gems in the config
Simplified ApplyStatEffect
Missing doesn't trigger contact abilities
Temple blocks now connect to glass panes
Make mod stairs connect to glass (roof layouts etc)
Print statement to track down battle NPEs
Make ItemBlock trigger protection events (Worldguard compatability)
Sash now re-positions on crouch


Fixed a battle bug with echoed voice
Fixed partially trapping moves
Fixed Clear Body/Hyper Cutter preventing target from getting its statistics raised (Swagger)
Fixed Wonder Guard preventing status moves
Fixed Ditto + Ditto passing Limber
Fixed modifiedMoveStats having no effect
Fixed up held items not saving into the database
Fixed critical hits using the opponent’s Attack/Special Attack
Fixed flinching failing if the USER has inner focus
Fixed user induced statistic drops activating Defiant/Competitive
Fixed Burn claiming failure with moves that have burn as a secondary effect

Pixelmon 3.2.9:

New Stuff

  • Added Chatot
  • Added Swablu
  • Added Altaria
  • Dive added


  • Heaps of optimizations for SMD rendering/animation
  • SMD animation moved over to world tick
  • Removed a lot of unneeded GL calls from SMD rendering
  • Spawner GUI Redone
  • Updated Database for Swablu, Altaria and Chatot
  • Updated riding points for Staraptor
  • Updated Pixelmon table for Swablu, Altaria and Chatot
  • Added evolution conditions for Swablu
  • Fixed riding offsets for Staraptor and Altaria
  • PP for moves update upon switch
  • Minecraft items now display name properly in Boss Drops
  • Bosses no longer initiate battle with other Pokemon
  • Overlay adjusted for level 100 Pokemon
  • Most of the attack text now translatable
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated Chinese Traditional translation

Bug Fixes

  • Baton Lang fix
  • Boss Trainer Level Fix
  • Trainer Editor Fix
  • HM naming fix
  • PokeChest Message fix
  • Fixed Spearows scale
  • NPE fix with HeldItems
  • Potion healing effect fixed

Pixelmon 3.2.8:

New Stuff

  • Added Starly, Staravia, and Staraptor - Modelled and animated by Karrybird
  • Magnet as an accessory


  • Replaced System Exits for the Forge-friendly variant
  • Added some Ranch language strings
  • Life Orb now rounds down rather than to the nearest 0.5
  • Added French updated translation
  • Gems buffed from 30% to 50%
  • Finalized statistics removal
  • Added config option to make Pixelmon spawners either creative or OP only

Bug Fixes

  • Texture/Name of Metal Coat fixed
  • Allow for Trainers to be spawned again
  • Spawner AI fixed
  • Shell Bell no longer heals dead Pokemon

Pixelmon 3.2:

- Now on 1.7.10
- Colors now appear when inspecting a pokemon's stats according to nature
-> Green means the stat is increased by the nature
-> Red means the stat is decreased by the nature

Bug Fixes:
- Other players can only use potions on their own pokemon
- Crash fix when removing statues
- Further held item fixes (Should be the last of this issue...)
- Pokemon no longer appear to glitch to the side when in the air & ridden
- Fixed nicknames not showing properly when a pokemon fainted
- Running shoes corrected
- Trainers creating inproperly fixed
- Saving/loading issues fixed in singleplayer
- Gender's corrected to include genderless pokemon

Pixelmon 3.1.3:


- Statues reworked slightly

-> Default to flying animation if avaliable
-> Wings don't flap if it has a flying animation
-> No longer display (Wild) in their name
-> No longer have a health bar

Bug Fixes:

- Statues no longer appear to fall and glitch back up if spawned in the air

- HeldItems in battle fixed

- Orb crash fixed

- Flinching redone

- Fleeing redone

- Players now dismounted properly when ridden pokemon is sent into battle

- Learning moves mid-battle fixed

- Pokemon reseting fixed

Pixelmon 3.1.2:

New Features:
- Low-res texture support
-> To turn these on enable them in the pixelmon.cfg

Bug Fixes:
- Metang no longer invisible
- Choice Items now reset properly
- Moves not doing damage sometimes fixed
- Save issue with multiple singleplayer worlds fixed
- Shrine corrections
- Choice item calculations corrected
- Fixed crash for checking if a pokemon had an HM
- Pokeloot now has potions and elixirs
- Thunderpunch on elekid
- Duplication on anvils fixed
- Pokedex now works properly
- Crash when placing a block shortly after a battle fixed
- Crash when watering a apricorn tree fixed
- Wild pokemon no longer battle statues
- Trainer Drops now properly stored
- Flickering gui fix upon level up and learning a move
- Player Stats rewritten. /pokestats and /resetpokestats
- Pokemon properly place when force battled
- Boss loot crash fixed
- Initiate battle w/ wild pokemon message fixed
- Pokemon's positions now reset when battle initiated
- Evolutions cleared upon player log out
- Structures now spawn properly
- Lucky Egg infite battle bug fixed
- Tranform crash fixed
- Crash with Apricorn trees fixed
- Special Evo spawns fixed up
- Fix to biomes with null tags

Pixelmon 3.1:

New Features:

- Using Forge v10.12.2.1121

- Now on Minecraft 1.7.2

-> Over 40,000 errors on conversion

- Spawning system redone

-> System redone to accommodate for new biomes and variations

- All messages are now contained in a lang file

-> Translations are now possible to do as a result of this

- Battle System Rewritten

-> Switching out now occurs properly

-> Targeting moves now work properly

-> 2v2 Battles now possible

->> Use /pokebattle2 to start a 2v2 battle

->> e.g. /pokebattle2

- New Pokeball Models

- New Animation for Pokeballs

- Pokeballs no longer collide with grass or snow

- New GUI on the side

- EXP now awarded upon capture

-> Pokeball in background is changed according to what the pokemon was caught in

- Rare Candies are no longer used if pixelmon can't level

- Upgraded Anvil with sounds and config option for auto-replacing finished items

- Anvil finished items now go directly into inventory

- Healers when broken now drop a plate

- Config reworked

-> Shrines have a reusable config option

-> Now has description of settings

- Gen 5 Badges added

- Aluminium Base added (3 Alu bars -> 3 Alu Bases)

- Boss Loot is now a Tier System

-> Orbs drop chance lowered

-> Lower chance to get a master ball at lower tier bosses

- Pixelmon Statues implemented

-> Right click a pokemon while in creative (OP on SMP) to despawn

-> Use pokespawn to create one

->> e.g. /pokespawn statue

- All drops from non-boss pixelmon now go into inventory

-> Now receive a message when you get something

- All drops from pokeloot now go into inventory

- One new music track

- New Cries for the following Pixelmon

-> Arcanine

-> Archeops

-> Archen

-> Clefairy

-> Clefable

-> Eevee

-> Farfetch'd

-> Flygon

-> Gastly

-> Gengar

-> Growlithe

-> Hitmonlee

-> Hitmonchan

-> Horsea

-> Kangaskhan

-> Lampent

-> Litwick

-> Muk

-> Servine

-> Trapinch

-> Venomoth

-> Vibrava

-> Yanma

- Added the following Abilities

-> Battle Armor

-> Big Pecks

-> Blaze

-> Chlorophyll

-> Compound Eyes

-> Cute Charm

-> Damp

-> Drizzle

-> Drought

-> Dry Skin

-> Effect Spore

-> Filter

-> Flame Body

-> Guts

-> Hustle

-> Hyper Cutter

-> Intimidate

-> Keen Eye

-> Levitate

-> Moxie

-> Multiscale

-> Overgrow

-> Poison Point

-> Poison Touch

-> Pressure

-> Rain Dish

-> Rivalry

-> Rough Skin

-> Run Away

-> Shed Skin

-> Shell Armor

-> Skill Link

-> Sniper

-> Snow Warning

-> Soundproof

-> Speed Boost

-> Static

-> Sturdy

-> Swift Swim

-> Technician

-> Torrent

-> Wonder Guard


Bug Fixes:

- Pixel Spawner now spawns on snow

- Original Trainer now set when pokemon goes to the PC

- Custom Trainers retain rotation upon server start/stop

- Fix to negative xp with slow xp pixelmon

- Logging out/in in the nether or end no longer creates a new save file

- Friendship now reset upon trade

- Trainers no longer disappear client side

- Shrines no longer usable when already full

- No longer crash when has HM is required

- Choice item stat calculation fixed

- Wild pokemon have PP restored after they win a battle

- Flying pixelmon in battle now stop

-> Also no longer appear to fall when stopped

- Ice Shard and Icicle Crash corrections

- Revives now properly work

- Potions now actually heal

- Save file loading fixed for SMP

- Chance to stay paralysed lowered to 25% instead of 26%

- Nicknames can no longer be extremely long.

- Description for moves when learning a new move now fits in the GUI.

- Fixed Partial Trap moves (Fire Spin etc.)

- Fixed Multiple-Hit moves (DoubleSlap etc.)

- Fixed Multi-Turn moves (Fly, Dig)

- Fixed Solarbeam needing to charge up during Sunny weather

- Fixed the burn on switch bug

- Fixed the Oran Berry

- Fixed Protect

- Fixed Mist

- Fixed Facade

- Fixed stat changes happening before the damage calculation

- Fixed Overheat

- Fixed Baton Pass not moving over the stat modifiers

- Fixed Protect being able to be spammed without fail

- Fixed Roar/Whirlwind/Dragon Tail

- Fixed Substitute causing infinite waiting when status moves are inflicted.

- Fixed Electro Ball

- Fixed targets of moves i.e. Defence Curl failing when the opponent is a ghost type

- Fixed Friendship resetting after the FriendBall was used to capture on Eevee etc.

- Fixed Reflect

- Fixed Escaping not working when holding an item that isn't a Smoke Ball

- Fixed Flinching

- Fixed Trick Room

- Fixed having a pokemon move space blank in the trainer editor causing a crash when later spaces are not blank

- Fixed Burn not dropping the damage from physical moves

- Fixed Confusion not lasting for the right amount of time

- Updated Flail's effect from GenIV to GenV

Pixelmon 3.0.4:

Not much to explain, literaly just performance tweaks!

This is the last update for Pixelmon on a 1.6.4 Minecraft environment.

Next onto 1.7 Minecraft, with Pixelmon 3.1!

If you are updating your Pixelmon version, simply delete the previous version from your mods folder and place the Pixelmon 3.0.4 ZIP into the mods folder. Make sure to delete your pixelmon.cfg from your config folder too.

- Removed DRM
- Removed Lugia

Pixelmon 3.0.3:

- Icy and mossy rocks fixed
- Trainer vision fixed
- No longer get a false positive for winning vs trainers
- Not much else to explain, literally just performance tweaks!

Pixelmon 3.0.2:

Reworked Pokemon Spawner Block
– Now has a set of different spawning routines selectable via a new button. Allows you to set it to different spawning modes, underwater, in air, air persistent, etc.
Tweaked Trainer Editor
– Stand still trainers can no longer be pushed.
– Stand still and engages trainers don’t look around
Made a bunch of pokemon rideable
Bird shrine spawning is now on by default
Flying pokemon now kick you off if you fly into water and they can’t surf
Added new mewtwo model
New animations

Fixed pokemon staying out after being deleted
Fixed spawner’s scrollbar
Fixed aggression settings in pixelmon spawner
Fixed apricorn trees glitching out and going invis
Fixed pokemon and trainers initiating battle
Fixed poliwhirl and magby’s evolutions
Fixed a severe cpu bug with trainers
Multi block item won’t be removed if fail to place in survival
Apricorns drop 1 block higher
Fix to crash with evolution level with held item pokemon if leveled without a held item
Fixed a tile entity crash
Fixed legendary spawning to support those legendaries who spawned outside of day time
Fixed pigey’s flying models scale

Pixelmon 3.0.1:

– Added config options to disable cloner and shrines
– Made trainers immune to most damage
– Fixed a bunch of evolutions which weren’t firing (some held item, happiness and move evolution pokemon)
– Fixed a crash which could happen if a player had pre-2.5 pokemon in their pc
– Spawning is now better for a few pokemon and some spawn that weren’t
– Fixed a crash when people tried to remove west facing pc’s from pre-3.0 maps by clicking top block
– Fixed y spawn location crash
– Fixed Mist being replied repeatedly when already applied
– Fixed a trainer crash
– Built protection for a possible divide by zero in experience calculation

Pixelmon 3.0:

Anorith, Archen, Archeops, Electrode, Gliscor, Magnemite, Scyther, Scizor, Voltorb, Infernape, Blaziken
New Feature/Bug Fixes:
- PC System reworked
- Amount of PC Boxes Increased
- Party now can be rearrangeable in the inventory
- Shell Bell, Cell battery, Metronome added
- Pixelmon Spawner added
- Trainer Editor added
- Multiple Battle Items fixed
- Revives and Max Revives added
- Added Sunstone Ore, Shard and Stone
- Blizzard, Hurricane moves fixed to not hit 100% unless condition met
- PokeLoot added into the main mod
- Achievements
- Legendary Birds Quest
- Orbs Added
- Shrine Spawning
- New Battle Stats (/stats, /statsreset)
- Tile Entities no longer tick when not needed
- Choice Items now work properly
- Rarity system added for boss drops
- HMs added
- Caught Icons added to Pixelmon while in battle
- Air Persistence re-added
- Cloning Machine added
- Trader, Fossil Machine, Cloning Machine, Apricorn Trees, and PCs are now considered to be Multi-Block
- No more kicking for standing on apricorn trees
- Dubious Disc, Electirizer, Magmarizer, Metal Coat, King’s Rock, Protector, Up-Grade, and Razor Fang added
- Chat in battle fixed up slightly
- Spawning completely overhauled
- Fixed some name bugs with /pokegive and /pokespawn
- Evolutions, and learning moves on evolution fixed
- Some minor experience glitches fixed
- Several new items added for later use

Pixelmon 2.5.7
- fixed a glitch in rarity calculations for spawning
- fixed a glitch where null rarity pokemon could spawn

- new legendary spawning system with config options
- config option for disabling aggressive pokemon

Pixelmon 2.5.6
- Fixed pokemon falling through the world
- Fixed a duplication glitch where the owner variable was getting lost (on heal or death or similar)
- Fixed various flying offsets
- Fixed pokemon spawning in places they shouldn't be and with wrong rarities
- Fixed glitch where throwing a ball at a pokemon in battle and failing allowed other players to then engage that pokemon

- Legendaries spawn again!

Pixelmon 2.5.5
- Fixed id tag floating around in save files which was causing a crash
- Fixed saving tag in computer
- Re-linked a few textures

Pixelmon 2.5.4
- Fix to id assignment to pokemon coming from previous version save files (no more crashing)
- Re-added new database fixes from 2.5.3 (plus some more)
- Fixed a crash due to mist
- Removed a duplication glitch

Pixelmon 2.5.3
- Thawing effect
- Recoil ignoring opponent's fainting (giving greater recoil)
- Small trading fix
- Thrash
- Magnet Rise
- Baton Pass
- Light Screen & Safeguard
- All entry hazards (Spikes, Stealth Rock etc)
- Last Resort
- PP taking too much when using Multi-Turn attacks, amongst other issues
- RapidSpin
- All partially trapping moves
- Dig, Bide etc failing against flying/ghost during preparation turns
- Experience not being updated properly after battle
- Wailmer pail bug
- Experience display bug
- Experience awarding bug
- ID bugs causing mysterious swaps of pokemon in party (It's finally fixed!)
- Online freezing bug
- GUIBattle screen 'bug'
- Server crashing bug
- Trainer bug making all Pokemon not heal
- Trading issues

- Whole new ID system
- Added support for ModBlocker
- Shiny Pokemon do not get engaged in wild battles

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