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mPanel Control Panel

Developed by minecraftserverhost.net, mPanel is the ultimate minecraft control panel and has been crafted to meet the needs of both beginner and experienced server owners.

Server Status:
The server status page informs you that the server is online and running and provides an active player count, along with memory, cpu usage and other important server details.
Server Console:
The server console allows you to monitor your server and player activity. You may also execute server commands and communicate with your players directly from the chat console.
One Click Mod Updates and Installs:
With mPanel updating yor server or installing new mod packs has never been so simple. Just click the button for the software you would like to install or update and the panel will take care of the rest! Currently the panel provides one click updates and installs for: Official Minecraft, Craftbukkit, FTB, Pixelmon, and Tekkit .
Online FTP Stye File Manager:
Looking to upload a few mods or plugins? Or edit plugin config files? Our FTP style online file manager allows you to manage all of your minecraft server files with ease.
World Backup System:
mPanel's backup system is excellent. It's very easy to use and takes the hassle out of creating new backups of your world. You can schedule automated backups or do them manually by the click of a button.
Server Settings:
Changing your minecraft server's settings is very straightfoward with mPanel. If you don't feel like manually editing the server.properties file you can use our easy to follow and undersand server settings page.
More Information coming soon!

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