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 Post subject: Pixelmon 4.1.0 Released
PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:39 pm 
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The Pixelmon team has now released Pixelmon 4.1.0. Current customers may update through mPanel under Server Updates > Pixelmon.

Important Pixelmon 4.1.0 requires Java version 1.8. You can check your server's Java version under About > Server Information. If you are still running Java 1.7 on your server please open a ticket or contact us on the forums (Please include your server address) and ask us to install Java 1.8 on your server for you.

Here are the patch notes from the Pixelmon team:

New Stuff

You can now load NPC .json files from an external npcs directory.
Setting a config variable to true will export all npcs .json files to a newly created npcs folder if the folder didn't already exist
Added transfer and give money commands
/givemoney [username] [-][value] (/give Isi -100 would remove 100)
/transfer [username] [-][value] (Yes, this was unintentional, will be fixed, blame the U.S economy)
Added economy events for sponge application in the future
Added "advanced" NPC Trainer Pokémon editor screen
Allows Ability, Nature, held item, EVs, and IVs to be edited
Added config option to prevent Ditto + Ditto breeding
Readded Hidden Doors

New Pokemon

Added Skitty
Added Delcatty
Added Wingull
Added Pelipper
Updated Rayquaza to SMD


Gave orbs damage bars
Also fixes missing texture on orbs with KOs
Added Skitty moonstone evolution to database
Linked in currency to trainer battles
Added paste support to Mail
Re-added dynamic shrine orb textures
Pokédex improvements
Pokédex hotkey will open Pokédex when looking at nothing.
Restored dead code for metric/imperial setting in Pokédex.
Added Pokédex units of measure to lang.
Recoded Mirror Move
Recoded Sketch
Distinguished between unseen and unimplemented in the Pokédex
Made Dawn Stone armour effect reasonable


Fixed PixelUtilities ore generation
Fixed weird lighting from Pokegifts and Pokechests.
Fixed re-targeting in wild double battles
Fixed Dawn/Dusk ore texture
Fixed Transform permanently keeping Ability on capture
Fixed a crash on switching trainer model
Fixed up a mis-directed skin for shopkeepers
Fixed pressing escape key in statue editor.
Fixed being able to challenge yourself with Pokémon targeting
Fixed sealed Mail sprites
Owned Pokémon always have passive behavior
Fixed wild aggression timer not working when fleeing
Fixed possibility of freezing in the Pokédex screen.
Fixed PokéLoot achievement image
Fixed Synchronize ignoring status immunities
Fixed hidden pressure plates
Fixed experience calculation
Fixed Pokémon trying to spawn twice from ranch blocks.
Fixed /breed messages

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