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 Post subject: Pixelmon 4.0.5 Released
PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2015 12:17 pm 
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The Pixelmon team has just released Pixelmon 4.0.5 - The chatty update.

Current customers may update to version 4.0.5 through mPanel under Server Updates > Pixelmon > Click the Pixelmon 4 button an allow the install to complete.

Here are the patch notes for the current release:


Added Ralts
Added Kirlia
Added Gardevoir
Added Gallade
Updated Vulpix to SMD
Updated Ninetales to SMD


Added a dialogue NPC


Added an option to make TMs infinite


Added Bright Powder
Added Ginema Berry
Added Jaboca Berry
Added Rowap Berry
Added Lagging Tail
Added Wise Glasses
Added Eject Button


Added Illusion
Added Harvest
Added Suction Cups
Added Shield Dust
Added Friend Guard
Added Stench


Added Disable
Added Last Resort
Added Thief/Covet
Added Psycho Shift
Added Snatch
Added Weather Ball
Added Entrainment
Added Payback
Added Natural Gift
Added Gravity
Added Power Swap
Added Guard Swap
Battle Fixes
Added Lax Incense battle effect
Fixed Hyper Beam (and variants)
Changed Mist protect message
Fixed Struggle activation message happening twice
Fixed Damp in double battles
Fixed Focus Band/Sash not working
Fixed Hyper Beam and variants granting invincibility during recharge
Fixed multihit attacks continuing if user faints to contact damage
Fixed order of Absorb Bulb/Cell Battery messages
Fixed Anger Point, Tinted Lens triggering at wrong time
Fixed U-Turn/Volt Switch switching out if battle is over
Fixed Teleport
Fixed Psych Up
Fixed Yawn always missing
Added Full Incense’s battle effect.
Fixed Quick Feet.
Fixed moves that never miss
Fixed Prankster and Stall
Fixed Smack Down not cancelling Fly/Bounce correctly
Changed accuracy and evasion stats to be combined before calculating final accuracy


Added a null check to fleeing
Added the Youngster Girl trainer skin
Turned the trainer editor into NPC editor
Move learning
Fixed newly learned moves being forgotten upon evolution
Added egg move Ally Switch to TM compatibility
Made some tools usable in Creative only
Fixed Ho-Oh model in Pokédex
Fixed Snubbull evolution
Pixelmon Grass now sounds like grass on place/break
Added support for gender-specific evolution
Added evolution by stone by gender
Made EV reducing Berries held items
Made certain Berries usable outside of battle
Made certain held items usable by the player in battle
Fixed Cocoa Beans drop grammar
Statuses are cured upon fainting.
Status markers update correctly when statuses are removed.
Made Splash target the user


Fixed fleeing crashes
Fixed Circle Throw/Dragon Tail/Roar/Whirlwind/Red Card forcing out Eggs
Fixed HMs breaking if used on Pokémon who already have 4 moves
Fixed Traders not saving
Fixed Shiny Pokémon always displaying as male in battle

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