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 Post subject: Pixelmon 5.0 Beta 4 added to mPanel
PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:27 pm 
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Pixelmon version 5 Beta 4 has now been added to mPanel. We have also included the latest version of Sponge pre-installed. This version is still in Beta so please install it at your own risk!

Current customers may update to version 5.0.0 through mPanel under Server Updates > Pixelmon > Click the Pixelmon 5 button an allow the install to complete.

Note: You must update to mPanel version 1.19h if you would like to install Pixelmon 5.

Patch notes:

Minecraft 1.10.2
Version 5.0.0 Beta 4

Released August 1, 2016.

Allowed drops.json to have items that are not in shopItems.json
Made Poké gifts unbreakable
Merged PixelUtilities Creative tabs into main Pixelmon tabs
Modified user-unfriendly shopkeeper amount scrolling
Re-added hidden pressure plate item


Fixed aluminium armor and aluminium tools having incorrect names
Fixed chairs being unusable
Fixed cloning machine graphical issues
Fixed crashing when placing water floats
Fixed crashing with mechanical anvils
Fixed crashing with evolution stone armor
Fixed Dawn/Dusk ore and tree item sprites
Fixed double item purchase from shopkeepers
Fixed double message when interacting with a Pokémon in a ranch block
Fixed /endbattle permissions
Fixed Gym sign ownership error message
Fixed held item duplication issue
Fixed hidden cube and tree not showing in Creative menu
Fixed lead Pokémon being replaced after capturing a Pokémon with a full party
Fixed missing break particle texture on evolution stone ore
Fixed missing textures for anvils, hidden cubes, and Poké gifts
Fixed more issues with Pokémon not saving
Fixed NPC Trainer Pokémon persisting after an abnormal battle end
Fixed party/PC sometimes saving separately
Fixed Poké gift block registration crash
Fixed Pokémon disappearing after a failed capture
Fixed potential crash with evolution
Fixed Prism Scales not being special drops
Fixed sounds not playing
Fixed text in Pokémon renaming screen
Fixed trading not working
Fixed wiki hotkey leading to the wrong page

Version 5.0.0 Beta 3

Released July 29, 2016.

Fixed amethyst ore, crystal ore, ruby ore, and sapphire ore not dropping their respective gems when mined
Fixed Apricorn trees not growing
Fixed crash when using a furnace or mechanical anvil
Fixed crash with overhead text
Fixed missing anvil texture
Fixed mounting not working
Fixed Pixelmon developer join message displaying twice
Fixed Pixelmon grass and Pixelmon spawners being invisible
Fixed Pokémon party not updating properly after logging out and back in
Fixed Pokémon not being saved after leaving a world
Fixed some Pixelmon blocks and items activating twice when used (anvils, boxes, chairs, cloning machines, end tables, Fossil cleaners, Fossil displays, fridges, Gym signs, Isi's golden hourglasses, Poké gifts)
Fixed some Pixelmon blocks loading incorrectly

Version 5.0.0 Beta 2

Released July 27, 2016.

Improved the efficiency of various parts of the mod


Fixed crashes due to tile entity registration
Fixed Pokémon freezing client-side

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