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Pixelmon 5.0 Beta 5 Released
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Author:  minerdave [ Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Pixelmon 5.0 Beta 5 Released

The Pixelmon team has just released Pixelmon 5.0 Beta 5. For customers currently running Beta 4, we highly recommend that you update. Although still in Beta, this version has a number of bug fixes.

Current customers may update to version 5.0.0 Beta 5 through mPanel under Server Updates > Pixelmon > Click the Pixelmon 5 button an allow the install to complete.


Added Meditite
Added Medicham


Added a new music track ("Moonlight")
Added hotkey (P by default) to immediately open the Pixelmon config screen


Fixed amethyst hammers, aluminium hammers, crystal hammers, diamond hammers, and Dusk Stone hammers manufacturing items slowly on an anvil
Fixed bounding boxes for clothed tables and TVs
Fixed burn status not persisting after battle
Fixed catching a Pokémon with Illusion causing the first Pokémon in the party to be overwritten
Fixed chisel GUI button positions
Fixed collision and graphical issues with temple stairs and temple brick stairs
Fixed Eggs disappearing when taken from ranch blocks
Fixed error when using vending machines
Fixed error with wandering entity AI
Fixed errors when destroying ranch blocks
Fixed mounting position when riding Ho-Oh
Fixed incorrect break/step sounds for sandy grass
Fixed land and water mounts not moving
Fixed mixed-up names for fiery shrines and static shrines when using the /struc command
Fixed NPC editor not editing move tutors
Fixed NPCs spawning in groups
Fixed Old Rod, Good Rod, and Super Rod fishing lines displaying twice
Fixed Pixelmon spawners not spawning Pokémon
Fixed rendering for boss Pokémon color tinting
Fixed Solar Power activation text
Fixed sounds not playing on servers
Fixed starter Pokémon GUI element positions in different resolutions
Fixed tools being held the wrong way
Fixed transparency in chisel, clothed table, and Pixelmon grass item sprites

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