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 Post subject: FTB Infinity 1.5.1 Released
PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 10:56 am 
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The FTB Team has released FTB Infinity version 1.5 and 1.5.1. Version 1.5.1 has now been promoted as a recommended build.

Current customers may update through mPanel under Server Updates > Feed The Beast (FTB) > Click the FTB Infinity button once. After clicking the update button for FTB Infinity please wait for the red box appear as that indicates the update/install has been completed.

Version 1.5.1 and 1.5 patch notes:

Updated Ender Zoo -

Another example to the user spawn config file
Server wither cat crash
Rendering of enderminy
Rendering artifacts on items / blocks

Added Portal Gun 4.0.0-beta-4
Disabled MobiusCore by default
Replaced OpenPeripheral All-In-One with individual mods
OpenPeripheral Addons 0.3.1
OpenPeripheral Core 1.1.1
OpenPeripheral Integration 0.2.2
Updated bdlib -
Compatibility with latest forge
Updated Bibliocraft 1.10.2 - 1.10.3
Ability to shift potion shelf, tool rack, shelf, and clock half a block forwards with a screw gun
Black dye ore dictionary support for printing press
Support for BiblioWoods terrafirmacraft edition
Updated Blood Magic 1.3.1-7 - 1.3.2-1
Project Omega
Dawn ritual stone and scribe tool
Reagent effects to the Well of Suffering
Autocrafting ritual
Temporarily removed books to stop lag
A lot of bugs
Updated Botania r1.6-174 - r1.6-184
Added 1.8 stones (Andesite, Diorite, Granite and an extra, Basalt) as mana infusion recipes alongside with some variants and stairs/slabs.
Added a config option to disable Relics.
Added a config option to disable the fire resist for the Ring of Odin.
Added shiny golden flower renders to the heads of contributors.
Added Sunny Quartz, new yellow quartz made with Sunflowers. It has corresponding wings too.
Added the Bubbell, a new flower that makes underwater bubbles of air where you can build.
Added the Solegnolia, a flower that can disable the Ring of Magnetization's effect.
Added two awesome tracks of battle music by Kain Vinosec to the Gaia Guardian fight. You can also get these tracks in music disc form as a drop.
Added a config option to disable the 1.8 stones.
Added oredict entries for the 1.8 stone and prismarine blocks for better compatibility with Gany's Surface.
Added a Blaze Light, a light source block that also works as fuel and can be put next to a Pure Daisy to make Obsidian.
Added a Pure Daisy NEI recipe handler.
Added "*" as a corporea wildcard
Added vuvuzela.
Added the Corporea Interceptor, a new corporea block that intercepts requests and emits a redstone signal if they're not successful. Automation~
Added Petite flowers, small variants of functional flowers that have a smaller range. Currently there's 6: Agricarnation, Bellethorne, Bubbell, Hopperhock, Marimorphosis and Rannuncarpus.
Added Petal Apothecary variants craftable using the stone acquired with the Marimorphosis.
Having the zcwp rx vrjs equipped increases the Terra Shatterer's level by 1.
Increased vox avkji ia nxtxewq's saturation output.
Increased Thermalily cooldown from 6 minutes to 7 minutes.
Made the rfkc mp ylgx's regen effect slower.
Optimized flower (and other botania tile entities) client load on syncing by not marking blocks for update and rather directly sending packets to nearby players.
Optimized spark network usage and processing. They should work a lot better, both fps and tps wise.
Replaced Flugel Tiara Firelord Wings with Phoenix Wings.
The Black Hole Talisman will no longer keep a stack of the specified block in the inventory, block placing is done through right clicking with it exclusively now. Putting the talisman in a crafting table will allow one to extract a stack of the block at once.
The Hardmode Gaia Guardian can now drop records.
The ingame downloader now downloads the file as a .jar.dl and renames it to a .jar when done to prevent loading of broken mods if any interruptions happen.
Brazier Petal Apotecaries now emit light.
Changed the Marimorphosis' biome dictionary tag for the Taiga stone from SNOWY to COLD so it works properly in Taiga biomes.
Changed the text in the Lexica Botania's landing page a bit.
Changed the url in the file from to
Hydroangeas now detect when they have an infinite water source and don't remove the water or cause block updates in that case
Mana Pool packet load when receiving bursts is now throttled to one packet per 10 ticks. Previously it would send a packet per burst.
Mana Spreaders no longer send packets when they receive bursts. That wasn't needed since it doesn't have a visual change.
Right clicking with a water bottle on a water block in the end will no longer create a bottle of ender air.
Hydroangeas now get Daybloom/Nightshade like diminishing returns in all 8 directions.
Made some lexicon text and relic poem changes.
Relics kill you slower if you're not their owner.
The Elven Portal will now stop functioning if any of its components are in unloaded chunks, it will not dismantle itself like it did before.
The following items can no longer drop from the Loonium: Lexica Botania, Black Lotus, Overgrowth Seed and all records.
Aside from "...", "~", "+" and "?" can now also be used as Corporea Index wildcards.
Disabling capes in Multiplayer Options disables the golden head flowers for contributors too.
The Pure Daisy now uses a proper recipe system instead of the two hardcoded values it had previously. To that there's a few new recipes such as Netherrack to Cobblestone, Soul Sand to Sand or Ice to Packed Ice.
The Ring of Magnetization will no longer pull Relics.
Vine Balls can now be used to craft Mossy Stone.
Changed Corporea Funnel texture sides.
Flowers that come from addon mods will now have a line in the tooltip saying so.
Made the Soujourner's Sash not aggressively set the player's step height again. This fixes it not resetting when it's unequipped.
Baubles can now have Phantom Ink.
Shift-right clicking a flower pouch into a chest or other container drops all of its contents into it.
The Lexica Botania will no longer prompt you to shift click to view a recipe if that recipe lies in an entry from a knowledge source you haven't unlocked yet.
Hovering over a Terra Shatterer now shows a bar that displays how much mana it has relative to the next level.
Baubles no longer render on players with the invisibility effect enabled.
Pixies no longer apply potion effects to players. Easiest fix for a crash when a player takes damage from a ComputerCraft turtle.
Setting an entity's shedding item to an empty value while not setting the rate to -1 will no longer crash the game when opening that entity's page in the shedding entry.
The Petal Apothecary can now be crafted with any ore dictionary cobblestone slab. Took me long enough.
Tweaked the way double flowers are placed a bit. This won't have any effect in gameplay but should fix a rare crash on worldgen.
Corporea Sparks will now properly respect the ISidedInventory protocol and not pull items from slots that can't be extracted from the top.
Fixed a Stack Overflow crash when a player with a Cloak of Sin attacks or is attacked by a mob from Infernal Mobs with the Vengance attribute.
Fixed being able to add Timeless or Resolute Ivy to an item that already has it.
Fixed Books being able to go in the Mana Enchanter.
Fixed Corporea Sparks not behaving properly with JABBA Barrels and Storage Drawers (from the mod that name). They'll only see 64 of the item but will not destroy items any more like they used to.
Fixed Double Flowers sometimes dropping Tallgrass and other things like that when sheared.
Fixed Mana Spreaders not dropping their lens or sleeve when broken.
Fixed the Changelog and Website buttons in the auto-updater using the old website instead of the new one.
Fixed the Flugel Tiara's tooltip not having the "SHIFT for more info" that all the other baubles have.
Fixed the Lexicon's lookup feature picking up liquids and fake air blocks.
Fixed the Loonium not having a display when looked at with the Manaseer Monocle.
Fixed the Manasteel/Elementium Pick and Axe not removing the last item from the inventory but a ghost stack instead when their right click ability is used.
Fixed the Resolute Ivy being able to dupe items in the crafting grid.
Fixed the Ring of Odin displaying a fake player death animation when unequipped.
Added some code to atempt to fix chunkloading conundrums with the Mana Spreader. This might fix the bug where a bunch of bursts pile up in one position when there's a chunkloader there. I can't tell for sure.
Fixed Mana Spreaders dropping wool every time when broken.
Tweaked the packet dispatcher to maybe work with GalacticCraft when some other mod that changes stuff is loaded. Don't ask me if it works or not because I have no clue. There was a weird crash somewhere in there.
Fixed Ancient Wills only rendering on the Terrasteel Helm if it has Phantom Ink, rather than only rendering when it doesn't have Phantom Ink.
Fixed Enchanted Soil being able to be picked up with Silk Touch.
Fixed a crash when shift-clicking damanged non-flower items into the Flower Pouch.
Fixed a dupe with the Ring of Loki that allowed for seeds, and potentially other items of the sort, to be infinitely generated.
Fixed crash with Corporea Sparks and buildcraft gates.
Fixed the Mana Pool sending way more packets than it should because I forgot to reset the flag >_>
Fixed the Ring of Loki not syncing properly in multiplayer.
Fixed the Solegnolia not being shift-right clickable to open its lexicon entry.
Fixed the wireframes for the Ring of Loki rendering when it's not equipped.
Fixed a bug relating to weird chunkloading behaviour where spreaders would create thousands of burst entities in the same place that would simply exist, not update, and nom at the server's tickrate, a lot.
Fixed the Pure Daisy not working
Fixed a crash when pushing blocks towards the pure daisy with a piston under some odd circumstances I don't properly know.
Fixed Thermalilies getting the same diminishing returns as hydroangeas.
Fixed Dreamwood Slab and Dreamwood Plank Slab's pick block in creative being flipped.
Fixed Corporea Funnels destroying items if there's no inventory for them to put stuff in.
Fixed the Corporea Interceptor crashing the game if an invalid request is thrown.
Fixed the Minecart with a Mana Pool returning a normal Minecart when right clicked.
Fixed the Soujourner's and Globetrotter's sashes needing to be re-equipped on login and dimension change.
Tyopo fixes.
Fixed a crash when looking at an item in the lexicon that doesn't have a recipe present elsewhere.
Fixed Petite Rannuncarpus's range not being affected by mana. (xaeroverse)
Fixed the sashes resetting step height when changing dimensions
Fixed tossing items in mana pools when there's no mana ending up in the items not being stackable with other items.
Updated Buildcraft 6.4.8 - 6.4.14
FML Remapping support for blueprints! Should support mod upgrades now
Filters on gates can be cleared by a mere click
FluidStack crash with Forge 1355+
Crash on invalid mapping
Fluid dupe bug
Copy paste error causing a rare crash
Server crash with horizon pattern
Server crash with Oil and Nether
Dupe bug with finite liquids
Wooden pipes massive power usage
Stripes pipes cannot place blocks properly
Miscellaneous builder/blueprint issues
Pump entity spam on client side
Emerald fluid pipe stopping to work randomly
Missing localizations for hollow facades
Planter filtering random items as reeds
Gates on one pipe sharing their expansions
Incorrect fluid pipe speed
Robot error on void worlds
Z-fighting on almost empty tanks
Updated Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.5 - 3.3.6
Routable fluid incorrect biome colouring
Updated ChickenChunks -
Updated CodeChickenCore -
Updated CodeChickenLib -
Updated CoFHCore 3.0.0RC7-211 - 3.0.2-262
Connectivity over LAN
Updated Dense Ores 1.5 - 1.6.2
Integration for MFR, Thaumcraft, and IC2
IC2 macerator recipes for dense blocks
Thaumcraft aspects for dense blocks
If MFR Laser drill mines the base block, the dense block is added at a 10% of the chance with the same assigned color focus
Updated Draconic Evolution 1.0.1-RC-4 - 1.0.1
Config option to make items dropped by tools in aoe mode despawn after 5 seconds if not collected.
Thaumcraft support to the draconic helm. (goggles of revealing)
Option to adjust vertical acceleration on chestplate.
Option to only increase vertical acceleration while sprinting (using sprint key)
Xp dropped by the mob grinder will now despawn after 30 seconds to reduce lag.
Tweaked armor jumping mechanic.
Increased flight up/down speed (speed boost applied by leggings).
Increased resistance of draconium.
Can now use backspace to go to the previous page in the information tablet.
Increased render distance of persistent items and active dragon heart.
Reduced explosion power required to activate the dragon heart.
Stabilized spawner now shows its tier as part of its renderer.
Increased resistance for mob grinder.
Fixed mob grinder creating a tone of network traffic.
Fixed tools not dropping xp on aoe mode.
Fixed crash with veinminer.
Fixed shovel not working on some blocks such as cursed earth.
Fixed tools no mining some blocks such as bedrock when in creative mode.
Fixed charged draconium blocks not extracting from energy infuser.
Fixed item dupe with draconic chest.
Temp fix to reduce network lag from energy nodes (Transfer code needs a complete re write)
Fixed gui's not closing when the block they are attached to is destroyed.
Fixed advanced dislocator index out of bounds exceptions once and for all.
Updated Ender Storage -
Updated EnderTech -
Updated EnderZoo -
Dire wolfs now howl in packs
Limited the minimum time between howls globally
Texture for Enderminy and Concussion Creeper
Dire wolves spawning in lit bases
Concussion creepers teleporting you below bedrock
Strange rendering on wither cats
Updated Extra TiC 1.0.3 - 1.4.1
Botania metals
Desh from Galacticraft
Simpleores support
Twilight Forest metals
Tinkers weaponry support
Void metal from thaumcraft
Darksteel from EnderIO
Minimal texture support to tools
Better storage cardboard
Rotarycraft's HSLA steel support
Endium from Gany's End
Draconic Evolution support
Glue as a tool material
RF Modifier support for Mekanism and Draconic Evolution
Typo in angmallen tool parts
Updated Extra Utilities 1.2.3 - 1.2.4b
Crash with spike rendering
GL Flags after spike rendering
Fluid Registry code
Updated Forestry -
Compatibility with latest forge fluid changes
Updated Forge Multipart -
Updated Gendustry -
Compatibility with latest forge
Crash with magic Bees
Updated IC2 Nuclear Control 2.1.2a - 2.2.1a
New 5x5 Reactor Card with support in the Remote Thermal Monitor.
Added an API to the Range Trigger, meaning that not only the Liquid card, but the counter and generator cards can be monitored. Needs some testing, though.
Added more OpenComputers Drivers, including the (normal) Info Panel driver, Thermal Monitor Driver, and extended the Advanced Info Panel driver.
Added pack.mcmeta.
Changed a bunch of the recipes (again)
Made Gregtech recipes better, so you can make Big Reactors stuff and the Remote Thermal Monitor.
Made the Web Upgrade more stable if/when it is used again.
Changed Big Reactor's recipes to be more NC2-ish.
Stabilized the BC-crossmod code.
Disabled web-related configs that didn't do anything.

Fixes small configuration issue.

Fixed a small NBT issue.

Fixed the older recipes, also uses refined iron instead of iron.

Fixed GUI-related bugs, as well as the Thermal Monitor not alerting neighbor blocks when it's redstone is inverted.

Fixes WAILA providers.

Fixed issue with Energy Sensor Kit. This does mean you need version 691 (or higher) IC2.
Updated IndustrialCraft 2 2.2.711 - 2.2.718
Nerfed Manual Kinetic Generator
Various bug fixes
Updated INpureCore 1.0.0B9-54 - 1.0.0B9-60
override_with_nbt command so things like bees can properly be squashed
Updated Logistics Pipes -
Sec Card not disappearing when deauthorized
Fluid crash in newest forge
Updated Magic Bees 2.1.31 - 2.3.0
Beegonia - Turns unneeded drones into Botania mana
Hiveacynth - Turnes Botania mana into bees
8 new botania bee species
Manasteel apiary and arborist tools
Updated MineFactory Reloaded 2.8.0RC8-86 - 2.8.0-104
Updated Morpheus - 1.6.4
Duplicate messages being sent in low TPS situations
Updated MrTJPCore -
Updated Mystcraft -
Ink Mixers, Link Modifiers and Book Binders can be placed such that they face the player
Forced mystcraft world providers to report the default world type
Attempting to rotate Ink Mixers, Link Modifiers, or Book Binders with a wrench causes the block to rotate clockwise
Blank pages not being removable from port folis
Paper being destroyed when dumping notebooks into portfolio
Updated NEI Addons -
Ability to configure AE2 workbench by dragging items from NEI
? button support for bibliocraft and remote io workbenches
Multiple errors caused by other mods putting bad data in Forestry API
Updated NEI Integration 1.0.7 - 1.0.9
Player Inventory dumper
Even more safety/null checks to prevent crashes
Incorrect config descriptions
Crash in Forestry shaped recipe handler
Updated Nether Ores 2.3.0RC4-4 - 2.3.0-12
Updated Not Enough Items -
Updated OpenBlocks 1.4 - 1.4.2
Option to disable block and/or entity picking by magnet
XP to Fluid conversion rates are configurable
Changed misleading config option comment
Elevator's XP drain is now off by default
Tank NPE when breaking
Fluid level not rendering properly in tank item
Crash when updating huge surfaces made of skyblocks
Rendering glitch caused by stacking /dev/null/
Some methods in OpenPeripheral adapters for donation station and projector not working
Crash when other mods register liquid XP
Magnet disobeying block placement/break restrictions
Block breaker not pushing to BC pipes
Player data handling on Mini-Me
Updated OpenModsLib 0.7 - 0.7.2
Load flag for coremod compatibility
Logged fake player creation
Reduce level for a few logs
NPE when breaking certain blocks
Crash when trying to store fluid with NBT in tank
Safer method of storing TEs in EntityBlock
Updated Pam's Harvestcraft 1.7.10g - 1.7.10h
Recipe to turn any listAllfishraw into Minecraft fish
Recipe to turn listAllwater into my Fresh Water
Config Option to turn off new fishing with enableharvestcraftfish - Default: True
Pumpkin Cheese Cake item and block
Pumpkin Muffins, Suadero, and Random Taco items
Compressed Salt Block and conversion recipes
Pot block can now be placed on Oven block
Orange Chicken now only needs Saucepan
Made a lot of recipes use the Ore Dictionary even more
Cranberry Sauce now needs Pot to avoid recipe conflict
MFR Planter will now plant Seaweed seeds
Crop to Seed config option should now work
Sausage in Bread name typo
Updated ProjectRed -
Requirement of packaged CC API
Infinite loop when using bus converter
Red alloy wire crash
Gameplay exploit
Updated Railcraft -

Removed Forestry API files from the JAR to increase compatibility and reduce conflicts. All Forestry integration remains functional. (experimental)

You can now reset the Signal Tuner and Signal Block Surveyor by sneak-clicking.

Add Passive Anchor, does not force load chunks on game load, only when visited. Recipe uses Cyan Dye for now, but will eventually use Prismarine.

IFluidContainerItems should be completely supported now.

Add Debug in-game command that will dump data to the logs.

Capacitor Boxes now have a switch to determine if they should trigger on a rising or falling signal.

Improvements to the Switch code that should make them more reliable and predicable.

Loaders "Has Work" Buildcraft trigger should better reflect the actual loader status

Signal Block Relay Boxes now require two Signal Circuits in the recipe instead of just one.

Signal Block Relay Boxes no longer function as a Controller. If you need that functionality, put a Controller Box next to it. May break some setups.

Improve Signal Block debug print statements to help with debugging some possible issues.

Coke Block now 10x Coal Coke fuel value and is flammable.

Various chat messages that didn't before should now properly localize.

Personal Anchors should only tick their update (and fuel use) function once per tick...oops.

Fix Geode Generator.

Geodes should only spawn under the ocean floor now, instead of half submerged

Melt snow on top of Smokers

The Controller Box shouldn't respond to redstone signals that don't update it

Tanks should now properly sync with the client again

Don't register research if Thaumcraft crowbars aren't defined

Invalid Multi-blocks should reject items

Fixed NPE when breaking a cart on a Routing Detecto

Engines should output to IEnergyReceivers in addition to IEnergyHandlers

Signal Blocks should no longer ignore hills and valleys within the block.

Fix Track Layer not dropping items and expand valid replaceable blocks

Fix stack-over-flow on circular Train.

SMP block sounds should work now

Newly spawned Anchor Carts should attempt to force load chunks immediately instead of waiting for an entityEnteredChunk event.

Fixed localization issues with Track GUIs.

Disabling the Factory Module should no longer prevent you from cooking Abyssal and Quarried Stone.

Attempt to make Train objects survive linking and cart deaths (unlinking still needs work).

Anchor Cart should no longer request Chunkloader Tickets if the entity is dead.

Crowbar should no longer attempt to link dead carts.

Train Detector should no longer count dead carts as part of a Train.

Crowbar Destruction Enchantment can no longer perform alchemy

Hide the Tank Valves Animation Tank from TankInfo calls

Properly Handle Invalid Regex Syntax in Routing Tables

Don't try to define Brick recipes if disabled

Reduce logging levels so that more log messages get sent to the log file instead of the console.

Dupe bug with Fluid Container code.

Fix the edge case where a Signal is loaded but the nearest Track is not causing the Signal connection to break.
Updated Redstone Arsenal 1.1.0RC7-65 - 1.1.0-80
Updated Resource Loader 1.0 - 1.2
Resource Packs resetting everytime you run minecraft
Updated RF Tools 2.75 - 2.80
Added some dimlets for Railcraft blocks if Railcraft is present.
Added some more color sky dimlets.
Implemented new huge liquid orbs dimlet. Similar to orbs but a lot bigger.
Implemented new huge orbs dimlet. Similar to orbs but a lot bigger.
Added support for multiple fluid modifiers in the huge and normal liquid orb features.
Implemented support for multiple material modifiers for the liquid orb, huge liquid orbs, orbs, and huge orbs features.
Added /rftdb listent command to list all registered entity types
Added proper syncing from server to clients in case the crafter is updated. Previously it was possible that a player could not see a new recipe that was set on the crafter by another player.
It is now possible to actually rename a dimension in the enscriber. Just put the realized dimension tab back in it and change the name. Note that this doesnotchange the name of the receiver that might be in that dimension. You have to do that manually.
Made BloodMagic life essence a bit more expensive by default.
Made draconic ore impossible to get randomly in a dimension. You have to insert the dimlet manually.
Made liquid witchery fluidspirit very rare and also impossible to obtain at random.
If a dimension is out of power you cannot attack entities.
Added an (optional for now) way to freeze all entities in an unpowered dimension. Enable this by setting B:freezeUnpoweredDimension=true
The 'frozen dimension' option is now default. It can still be disabled if this causes problems.
Reduced mining fatique from 4 to 2 if the player is using a Phased Field Generator to make sure he can get his or her grave back.
If a dimension is unpowered no animals or mobs will spawn. This prevents a problem where for some obscure reason a frozen/unpowered dimension caused massive amounts of squid to spawn.
Fixed celestial bodies in a world where time is frozen. They would all be at the same fixed spot. This is now randomized better so all bodies will appear on a random spot. The dominant sun and moon will still be at the expected spot however.
When generating liquids for orbs and liquid orbs you are now always guaranteed to get one liquid.
Fixed a potential problem with liquid orbs not having a valid liquid which would causes crashes during chunk generation.
To avoid the problem of being unable to get your items back in a frozen dimension the Phased Field Generator will from now on revive all entities around the player in a certain radius (default 5). This will allow the player to dig the grave, pick up entities and so on. Mobs will also become active but it is not possible to cheat with this as the player cannot attack anything in a dimension without power (a PFG does not help with that) while the mobs can.
Added a new 'Dial Once' option to the dialing device. With this option you can dial a transmitter to a receiver. Upon first teleport from that transmitter the dial will be removed so that other players cannot follow. This is useful to be able to dial from a public place to a private receiver and make sure noone can follow you.
It is now possible to mark receivers as favorite in the dialing device. This is remembered per player.
In the dialer you can now also filter out all receivers/destinations that are not marked as favorite. This option is remembered per dialer.
Implemented a new 'simple dialer' block. This block can react to a redstone signal and based on that dial or interrupt a single connection. This is especially useful in combination with the wireless redstone and interactive screen support (see later).
Screen modules can now be interactive! The first interactive module is the 'Button' module. This module will react to the player left-clicking and can send out a wireless redstone signal. It can be used in 'push' or in 'toggle' mode. To use the 'Button' module you have to sneak-right click on a redstone receiver. The first time this is done with a module this will create a new channel and set this to the module. It will also copy that channel on the receiver so the redstone receiver will get redstone signals from the button.
To support this the screen is now a proper multiblock. You still have to use the wrench to toggle between large/transparent/normal modes but if you go to large mode invisible blocks will be used (this is needed to register mouse clicks for interactive screens). If you use any existing large screens in your world it is recommended that you sneak-hit that screen with a wrench 4 times to get the proper multiblocks there. This only has to be done once.
The large screen now has a proper rendering box which means it will no longer disappear if it is at the border of your display.
Implemented the night vision module for the environmental controller.
Implemented the water breathing module for the environmental controller.
Made sure that an active environmental controller with modules in it always consumes a minimum amount of RF. Configurable and set to 5 by default.
Improved the visual appearance of widget lists (as used in the dialer and storage scanner and various other RFTools blocks) so that the selection bar no longer goes over the border. Looks a lot cleaner that way.
Made the crafter a bit more robust in case of mod updates where some recipes no longer work or resulting items are different. In this case it will simply ignore the recipe.
Possibly fixed item duping with RFTools machines when breaking them in some cases.
Added failsafe when registering dimensions to avoid registering the same dimension twice in some rare circumstances.
Added some safety measures to the teleporter to make sure it doesn't try to teleport to invalid destinations.
Made the mob dimlet type more robust when converting from older versions of RFTools in case some mob dimlet id is missing.
Small safety measure to only update dimension information as soon as it was recovered successfully.
Fixed the time dimlet config section which was messed up a bit.
Fixed a visual glitch with the XP not updating after a teleport.
Fixed a serious bug where shift-wrenching an RFTools machine will make it go away.
Fixed a bug where clicking an empty ChoiceLabel would crash the game. This could happen if the player puts an uninitialized machine information module in a screen and then uses the UI on the choice label.
Fixed a bug with the Energy Extractor getting the wrong value from the wrong config field.
Updated Runic Dungeons 1.1.1 - 1.1.3
Ancient Bookshelves
Bookshelves in dungeons are now ancient bookshelves
Experience belts are now rings
Using trees to get through dungeons
Dye belts not working correctly
Slight framerate drop in the dungeon
Traps give you damage while wearing amulet of thorns
Obsidian infused bricks being unbreakable
Runic lamps not dropping
Runic pillars not dropping
Breaking circles in the runic dungeons creating void holes
Players falling out of the world
Bonemeal event NPE
CoFH flat bedrock causing dimension to be off
Recipe conflict with Thaumcraft
Crashing without baubles
Updated Steve's Addons 0.9.15 - 0.10.7
Delay Trigger
Re-added Waila Integration for clusters
Ability for crafters to use Liquid out of tanks instead of buckets
Liquid Crafting
Duplicator can be shift+left clicked on a manager to overwrite its contents
Improved RF Node behaviour
Some screwy behaviour with thinking AE is loaded when it's not
Crash when trying to render multipart covered tanks
Stack overflow and Div/0 Errors
Issue with delay nodes
SFM crafting item dupe bug
Delete Button enhanced behaviour
Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-481 - 2.5-491
Paving slabs and stairs of travel
Updated Thermal Dynamics 1.0.0RC8-105 - 1.0.0-122
Updated Thermal Expansion 4.0.0RC7-141 - 4.0.1-182
Hardened Lumium Glass
New Lights
Most reconfigurable machines now have an "open access mode"
Fluid Transposer Manager now has stupid-proofing code against mods which are doing really stupid things
Removed textures which are no longer in use (Invar tools and armor)
Updated Thermal Foundation 1.0.0RC7-62 - 1.0.0-81
Updated Tinkers Construct 1.8.3b - 1.8.4a
Forge 1387+ compatibility
Mattocks now work on Melons/Pumpkins!
Picking up projectiles on the ground should work better now (especially with ITT)
Updated Tinkers Construct Tooltips 1.2.3 - 1.2.4
Better support for ExtraTiC v1.4.1 (certain weapon parts were missing tooltips)
Durability modifier stat to tough binding/weapon guard
Added "Crit Damage Bonus" stat to bows/crossbows to better reflect how damage is actually dealt (crit damage is based on random chance/distance the projectile traveled/damage of the arrow)
Updated bow/crossbow damage calculation to match the newer TiC versions
Mariculture integration
Updated Witchery 0.23.2 - 0.24.1

Magic Mirror, made by binding a demon to the mirror with a circle magic rite, activate it to find the fairest in the land, the fairest may not be the player but rather another NPC (leaving only one way to become the fairest).

Magic mirrors remember who walk past them, and will tell when asked.

Walk into the mirror to enter it, beware the demonic creature inside (defeat it to take control of the inners of the mirror, although the mirror will then no longer be able to talk to you, or do other reflection magic).

using "/chant mirror mirror send me home" may get you out of a stuck place in a mirror

Placing a mirror on the wall when in a mirror may need altar power to get working (until both sides of the gap have mirrors on them)

Using the Taglock kit of another player on a mirror containing a demon will allow the player to change their looks (skin) to that of the other player if there is altar power available. Using an empty taglock kit (or the players own taglock) can be used to turn back to normal (this does not need altar power). Brews of Revealing can also remove this effect. Use the config options: B:AllowChatMasquerading and B:AllowNameplateMasquerading to control these two aspects of this power.

Create a Duplication Grenade by using a Quartz Sphere on a mirror containing a demon to charge it with the players reflection (assuming enough altar power is available). Throwing this sphere will create a duplicate of the bound player and cause mobs currently targeting the player to target that instead.

Reflection demon, mirrors the player.

Use opposite facing mirrors (that have had their demon slain), to teleport between them (over a maximum of 16 blocks), or teleport up or down up to 16 blocks with mirrors above each other with the same facing.

Heart of Gold, dropped from the Fairest of NPCs, used to add animal attraction or animal repulsion effects to a brew in the cauldron. Drinking the Animal Attraction will instantly tame untamed creatures in a wide area, and all animals will try to approach the drinker. Animal Replusion will untame tamed creatures (not tamed by the drinker) and cause animals to run away.

Summon Reflection Demon, use a mirror in a circle rite to summon one of these odd creatures.

Added a config option I:RiteOfEclipseCooldownInSecs that will set the minimum number of seconds allowed in a world between activations of a Rite of Total Eclipse. By default this is zero but may be increased up to 3600 (1 hour). This cooldown will only take effect if more than one player is in the world at a time.

Lowered the priority of the hotbar drawing so other mods have a chance to draw their stuff before Witchery vampire code takes over.

Village guards and witch hunters are now immune to arrows from village guards.

Werewolf silver weapon detection should now support a few more silver types from other mods.

Added a configuration option to increase Spirit spawn rates.

There is now a config option to disable player to player werewolf infections: B:AllowPlayerToPlayerWolfInfection.

Added more bed types to taglock kit support

Added PVP mode support to some Mystic Branch effects, so no damage can occur if PVP is disabled.

OPs in creative mode get a hint which skin changed player is sending chat messages.

Significantly optimized the client-side performance of Mirror blocks.

Optimized the reflection mob a bit to be a bit less CPU intensive.

Added a config option (ShrinkMirrorWorld) that will only use half the Y space in the mirror world for structuregen. This will need the world to be recreated to use though.

Optimised the lightmap a bit in a newly created mirror world.

Added limited support for AM2 for reflection mob equipment.

Rite of Total Eclipse now persists the minecraft day.

Glyphs drawn with chalk are now immediately visible to other players on a server.

Sunlight grenades no longer replace non-complete solid blocks that they pass over (under some circumstances)

An issue with incorrectly set up potion ids lead to a NPE when the domination effect was on a villager.

Suppressed a (probably correct) NRE when another mod incorrectly provides a null value for the fluid to various fluid API methods.

Bats spawned with the vampire power no longer drop items.

Breaking through mirror world walls no longer gets you stuck in the wall.

Vampire players in creative mode will not spawn witch hunter mobs.

Missing wolfman hand in first person mode is visible once more.

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