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 Post subject: Pixelmon 4.0.3 Released (The Lazy Hammer Update)
PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2015 11:51 am 
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The Pixelmon team has just released a stable build for Pixelmon 4 (version 4.0.3). We are currently adding the new release to mPanel, however it will require an mPanel update. As soon as we are finished this post will be updated.

Edit/Update: Pixelmon version 4 has now been added to mPanel. Please update mPanel to version 1.19e to access the new update under Server Updates > Pixelmon.

Here is the announcement from the Pxelmon team:

1.8 - Done, Gen II, Done.

Lot's of cool stuff in here. Final Gen 2 Pokemon, more external moves, fixes to the old ones, the new anvil, cool icons (Though not as cool as MrMs), secret colour changing sashes, and more!

This is a recommended release, servers should start looking to sponge, and what they're doing to update.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for any sneak peeks we might decide to share with you.



Added Youngster competition textures
Added PokeFan Trainers
Added PokeFangirl Trainers
Added Lass Trainer
Added new external move icons by Blake
Added new Icy Rock and Mossy Rock models
Added PokeGifts
Added PUAchievements

External Moves

Added Cut
Added SoftBoiled
Added Milk Drink


Enabled Ho-oh
Added Granbull
Added Sudowoodo
Added Larvitar
Added Pupitar
Added Tyranitar


AddedPixelmon grass


Added White Herb


Added Infiltrator
Added No Guard


Added Focus Punch


Allows players to start PvP battles via throwing a Pokemon at another Player rather than at their Pokemon


Unown now has Hidden Power instead of default Tackle.
Updated sprites for pillars and mechanical anvil
External moves now have variable activation distance, lightning won't necessarily burn your own Pokemon
Fishing rods now work - requires rebuild of environment
Added scaling for youngster steve models
Updated All Spawning Data for Gen II (Wooper, Quagsire, Steelix, Snubbull, Granbull, Heracross,Slugma, Magcargo, Smoochum, Magby, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Ho-Oh,
Hoppip, Jumpluff, Skiploom, Sentret, Furret and Unown)
Added New Riding offsets for Crawdaunt, Driftblim, Golurk, Graveler, Honchkrow, Ho-Oh, Houndoom, Nidoking, Rayquaza, Scolipede, Tentacruel.
Made Hoppip, Jumpluff, Skiploom hover again
Fixed Houndour line dropping bones correctly
Added Steelix and Tyranitar to riding list
Re-updated Ho-Oh's riding offsets
Added Smoochum evolve data
Added Misdreavus/Mismagius spawn data
Added Item drops for all of the above
Added battle items to boss drops
Added missing incenses to PokéLoot
Added missing Berries + Good Rod to Forage
Fixed Hoppip line hitboxes
Added Acacia/Dark Oak wood to breeding
Rescaled parasect, ponyta and scyther
Split teleport external move into teleport and fly
Fixed scaling on heracross
Forage items now appear by the pokemon rather than the block
Grammar checked config file comments and PokéGift
Added Creative tabs to lang
Split Trainer Youngster into Youngster and Lass classes
Added messages, spawnbiomes, pokemon pools, and trainer names for new trainer classes


Fixed Luxio and Luxray.
Fixed Girarafig.
Fixed Mantyke and X Attack
Fixed weirdly rotating heads on cubone, vulpix, dragonite, drowzee, ekans, farfetch'd, gyarados, mankey, meowth, mew, paras, slowpoke, trapinch, venomoth and vibrava
Fixed an issue in the trainer editor where the texture button was being duplicated and therefore not removed
Fixed leaf stone rendering
Fixed partially transparent blocks not being transparent
Fixed Sketch copying wrong move
Fixed being able to exit bag and use move while using a Potion
Fixed Destiny Bond and Rage activating on indirect damage
Spawner will no longer try and populate unloaded chunks
Fixed Substitute blocking certain status moves that it shouldn’t
Fixed Haze/Clear Smog resetting increased critical hit ratio
Fixed /setparty allowing Pokémon to be set above level 100

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