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 Post subject: FTB Infinity 1.4.1 Released
PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:44 pm 
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The FTB Team has released FTB Infinity version 1.4 and 1.4.1. Version 1.4.1 has now been promoted as a recommended build.

Current customers may update through mPanel under Server Updates > Feed The Beast (FTB) > Click the FTB Infinity button once. After clicking the update button for FTB Infinity please wait for the red box appear as that indicates the update/install has been completed.

Here are the changes for 1.4 and 1.4.1:


Downgraded Extra Utilities 1.2.4 - 1.2.3

Downgraded due to forge version incompatibility

Config Changes

Disabled version checker


Updated Applied Energistics rv2-beta-8 - rv2-beta-18
Config option to whitelist dimensions for meteorite gen
Oredict entry for pure fluix crystals as crystalPureFluix
Cable Facades not rendering when on bottom
Dupe of damaged items
Typos in localizations
IO Port not dropping upgrades properly
Bug when CPUs are placed near or on 0 or 255
being able to place anything excluding boosters inside WAPs
Crash if you throw charged certus quartz on the ground
Updated bdlib -
Updated Big Reactors 0.4.2A2 - 0.4.3A
Server crash when active reactors were broken with tinkers construct hammers.
powerProductionMultiplier config being applied twice
Updated Botania r1.5-170 - r1.6-174
4 new achievements.
Double Flowers. They're tall and pretty, can be made into double the petals and can be grown with Bone Meal on normal flowers. They can only be harvested with shears, please understand.
The Pinkinator. What does it do? How do you get it? Heck if I know...
Relics. New unique, soulbound items with really powerful effects. There's currently 6 of them along with 2 extras
Radius viewer functionality to the Manaseer Monocle. While looking at a flower with it equipped one will be able to see the flower's effective range visually.
The Black Hole Talisman. It's the unlimited cobblestone works. Wait, that's from thaumic tinkerer
Resolute Ivy, an Ivy item similar to the Timeless Ivy that lets you keep the item it's attached to through death.
An achievement button to the lexicon main page.
Changed the flower world generator to generate flowers in patches and also generate the double flowers. There's 3 new config options to tweak this new method. Old configs will still work but results will be different, modpack makers should check that the results are still satisfactory.
Right clicking on a Floating Flower with Pasture Seeds, Boreal Seeds, Infestation Spores or Snowballs will change its look.
The Exoflame will now ignore other mods' Furnace blocks unless they specifically opt in with the API interface. Fixes a dupe with Natura Nether Furnaces.
The Mana Pump can now be controlled with Redstone and will output through a Comparator the amount of mana in the cart.
The Pure Daisy will only place blocks in server worlds, fixes it happening too soon in clients connected to servers with subpar tps.
Edited the Thaumcraft Integration page to tell the user that the Botanurgist's Inkwell needs to be charged when created.
Entries that come from botania addons will not have the "View Online" button.
Floral Powder can now dye sheep.
Moved the Life Aggregator to the Ender Artifacts section and made it require two Bottles of Ender Air.
The Mana Pump will not stop outputting a comparator signal once it stops pumping as long as it has a cart on the rail.
Agricarnations will only fertilize blocks that can normally be grown with bone meal.
Changed the documentation for Daybloom diminishing returns to say that it doesn't apply to other flowers, since people don't seem to get it :V
Relic items no longer despawn naturally. They can still be destroyed by explosions, lava, etc, so you should still be careful.
Shift-right clicking a cursor while editing with the Ring of Loki will now remove it.
Subtle change to the ring of thor's tooltip to make it a bit more obvious.
A bucket dupe in the petal apothecary.
Possible division by zero when justified text is enabled.
A crash when right clicking a special Floating Flower.
A crash when using a Corporea Funnel with an empty Item Frame.
A localization issue with the double flowers that ticked WAILA off. (61352151511)
Botania tile entities no longer register non-prefixed names (eg, "pump" rather than "botania:pump"). This fixes incompatibilities with mods that have similar names. Since both names were registered previously, transition will work with no problems.
Ancient Wills rendering on a Terrasteel Helmet that has Phantom Ink.
Double flowers being able to be duplicated through bone meal.
Glimmering flowers being able to be bonemealed to create double flowers.
The Hyacidus, Pollidisiac, Tigerseye, Narslimmus and Medumone having their range be lower in one side.
The Phantom Ink recipe working if more than one piece of armor is put in the grid.
A dependency on codechickencore when using the Excaliber.
The Excaliber not being enchantable.
The Eye of the Flugel not binding to a player.
The Ring of Loki not working past the 4.5 block range of survival.
Updated Buildcraft 6.4.4 - 6.4.8
Minor improvements to fluid pipe extraction, fillers and pipe icon handling
Pipes are now much more conservative about causing chunk re-renders
The fake player UUID is not output to console logs
Dupe with Thermal Expansion
Laster rendering not working properly with solid blocks on front
Filler lag when out of blocks
Massive FPS lag with filler/builder effects
Incorrect creative tab for Hollow Facades
Stripes pipe fluid dupe bug
Planters stopping under certain conditions
Robots stopping under certain different conditions
BC Pipes losing liquid when different fluids mix in them
Combustion engine not updating the fuel RF/t value
Error while loading robot resources
Invalid engine rendering size
Crash in specific usages of the assembly table
Robots changing color after picking up a leaf block
Updated Buildcraft Compat 6.4.1 - 6.4.2
Updated Chisel -
a recipe for packed ice pillars
some Tinker's Construct variations
andesite, diorite, and granite, and a couple variations
hex armor plating and large hex plating
"Shingle" blocks
"Imperial" and "Rebel" blocks
- Created our biggest fan :D
ARRRRRRR-cane stone blocks
Factory varients using some old textures that were lying around
a new Glass varient: Asymmetrical Leaded Glass
iron/gold block variations to the Oredict
Recolored antiblocks a little
Chiseled pumpkins can now make snow-golems
Custom particles will be disabled if the vanilla "Particles:" option is set to "Off"
A search bar to Chisel's creative tab menus
Unified some of the technical blocks as one variation
Chiseled Torches now work as Forge microparts
AntiBlocks will not allow mobs to spawn on them (like half blocks, or glass)
a bug when Tinker's Construct and Botania would crash on load
one issue with CTM not rendering the texture properly
Corrected masonry texture references
Chiseled bookshelves drop the correct book now
compatibility with Project Red's Marble Bricks
stair placement, and tooltip bugs
Chiseled half-slabs noe behave like vanilla's when it comes to redstone
Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns now play the correct sounds
an old crash with Railcraft
missing localizations for road lines
a bug when rendering several types of Pillars
a bug that accidentally let the auto-chisel chisel things it shouldn't
the Mossy configuration to properly disable/enable whether the player can chisel cobble into mossy cobble, etc.
some more present-nonsense
a crash on dedicated servers
an bug that allowed item duplication. We're sorry server ops :(
- Improved block loading performance significantly!
Updated CodeChickenLib -
Updated Custom Main Menu 1.2 - 1.4
#username# as a String placeholder
hoverImage for images now allows web images and random images
Config folder not being selected properly sometimes
Wrapped buttons not working
"left_center" alignment working like "right_center"
Updated Draconic Evolution 1.0.1-snapshot_5 - 1.0.1-RC-4
support for other mods to add recipes to the draconium chest.
block break event to aoe mining tools.
comparator output to the energy pylon.
option to set where the dragon egg will spawn.
option to disable dragon block destruction.
a beam option for the particle gen.
the ability to copy settings from one particle gen to another.
base safe AOE mode.
Crtl + right click to change dig depth.
Ctrl + Shift + right click to change attack aoe.
night vision lock option to draconic helm.
draconium ore, draconium dust, draconium ingot and awakened draconium ingot to the ore dictionary.
ore generation to mod dimensions (configurable)
reright click information to stabilized mob spawner and energy core.
option to lock the last 5 slots in the draconic chest.
config to disable any blocks or items in the mod
config option to limit player speed
Wireless Energy Transceiver
Advanced Wireless Energy Transceiver
more documentation to the information tablet.
non fuel items such as empty buckets can now be extracted from the generator.
changed. Pylons can now be placed up to 16 blocks above and bellow the core.
mobs spawned from the stabilized spawner are now only persistent if the spawner has the "ignore players" upgrade.
buffed sword and staff attack damage.
bows no longer need a single arrow when enchanted with infinity.
adjusted mining tool power usage.
energy core tiers now range from 1 to 7 instead of 0 to 6.
reduced the mining level of the stabilized spawner to 1 (iron)
removed old config to disable distortion flame and sun dial
removed some debug code from the crystal binder.
you now make draconium ingots by smelting draconium dust directly.
draconium blend is now depreciated and will be removed completely in 1.0.2.
draconium and awakened draconium blocks are now immune to the wither.
you can now scroll faster in the info tablet gui by holding shift.
changed the default texture for draconium ore to the overworld texture.
increased draconic chest energy usage to 1000RF/t
teleporting mobs with a dislocator on a server crashing the client.
arrows bouncing off of dragons... oops.
charging exployt with draconium blocks
dragon health bar glitchiness.
advanced dislocator crash related to moving destinations in the gui.
crash when trying to teleport to a dimension that has been removed.
staff breaking liquid.
tool config gui not accepting enchant type "all".
minor syncing issue with the dislocator stand.
a little bugines when crafting with the draconic chest.
weapon attack damage tool tips.
some enchants not working properly with the swords and staff.
dig depth on staff breaking blocks behind player.
tools not using energy in 1x1 mode.
manual crashing due to ingredients with wiled card damage values.
dislocator client crash when binding.
stopped draconic chest eating up a tonne of tick time.
prevented dragon travelling through portals.
server crash related to the wireless energy transceiver.
Updated EnderIO -
Disabled the wither skeleton replacement (for now)
Fix occasional crash when using dark tools right-click-place
odd block drop behavior that sometimes caused dupes with mod interaction
dupe involving vat fluids
right clicking on vacuum chest placing the block in the player's hand
dupe involving buffers
lag from excessive buffer render updates
modifying ore dictionary itemstack sizes
conduit rendering issues
flickering arrows on item conduits
odd rendering when doing breaking animations
capacitors dropped in explosions being creative
breaking a conduit/facade removing the entire bundle regardless of what else it contained
Added a default oredict preference for nether quartz dust
crash when updating cap bank IO mode adjacent to certain blocks
WAILA plugin always removing RF values
obelisk rendering becoming choppy as the world ages
issues with WAILA on conduits inside hidden bundles
crashes with WAILA handler
Updated EnderTech -
Improved logging for tile entity failures
Updated EnderZoo -
Prevented teleporting the player in Runic Dungeons
Added config option to resolve conflict with wither potion effect
Updated Extra Utilities 1.2.2 - 1.2.4
Last Millenium: a preset 'void' dimension
Portal to Last Millenium
Eminence Stone
Ender-Sand Alloy
Reinforced Dark Glass
Config to enable peaceful table in all difficulty levels
Inverted versions of Ethereal Glass, Ineffable Glass, and Dark Ethereal Glass
New/changed thaumcraft aspects to various items/blocks
Spikes can now be enchanted but only if CoFHCore is present
QED Items will now have the proper generated Thaumcraft aspects
Quarry upgrade attempting to load non-existent textures
Bug with spikes not killing vulnerable entities when they're supposed to
Updated Fastcraft 1.19 - 1.21
More support for large texture packs
Improved simulation performance
Improved support for odd sized textures
Compatibility improvements
Config file for niche issues and gameplay changing optimisations
Detection for corrupted or incorrect installs
Updated Forestry -
Brought back the Habitat Locator
Config for hive spawn rate
Extra Utilties, Magical Crops, HarvestCraft, BoP, and PlantMegaPack supprt for farms
Uses for electron tubes to their tooltip
Made basic bees a little more picky about their environment
Increased hive spawn rate
Each side of farms takes up equal space
Improved bark textures for large trees
Reduced butterfly spawning and lifespan
Made butterflies run into things more quietly
Allowed better automation of the carpenter, worktable and thermionic fabricator
Made chests, apiaries, and bee houses harvestable with an axe
Forestry liquid dupe bug
Crash when using the catalogue with no available trades
Backpack lag for large servers
Habitat Locator icon on 32x texture packs
Hives not always glowing
Bees' ability to add flowers to flowerpots
Bee temperature check in the nether
Incorrect particle for farm blocks
Blank mutations page in the bee/tree/flutter-alyzer
Analyzer block to correctly display bees as they are analyzed
Updated Forge Multipart -
Updated Gendustry 1.4.8-hotfix1 -
Silk Touch mode to the scooporator
IguanaTweaks complaining about Industrial Grafter and Scooporator
Updated iChun Util 4.1.3 - 4.2.2
Updated IndustrialCraft 2 2.2.695 - 2.2.711
Water kinetic generator
Nerfed manual kinetic generator to use a bit more hunger
Changed name of rotors
Electrolyzer input being off by one
Updated Inventory Tweaks 1.58-147 - 1.59-dev-152
Updated Logistics Pipes -
AOBD support
Updated Magic Bees 2.1.22 - 2.1.31
Bee Collector's Jar crash
Thaumcraft research issues
Bees in Escritoire not returning research notes
Issue with russian localization
Updated MobiusCore 1.2.3 - 1.2.5
Updated Mystcraft -
Sandstone block modifier
Various performance enhancements
Easter feature
Array mappings for chunk generation
Updated OpenBlocks 1.3 - 1.4

OpenPeripheral integration with guide

info book keyboard controls

info book table of contents for each chapter

grave spawn event


config options for grave skeleton spawning

building guide render extended (configurable)

graves now available from creative inventory

allow sleeping on tall glass and other non-suffocating blocks

graves may spawn dirt block when created in air
graves visible in creative inventory

few blocks (guide, paint mixer) now store settings when broken

graves now replay death cause when right clicked

named graves item will display name when placed

right clicking graves with shovel drops items without destroying grave

all trophies now visible in creative inventory


tank walls are now rendered as ISRBH (should improve performance)

no restrictions when placing blocks with /dev/null

info book crashing in some server configurations

graves won't spawn in protected region

auto anvil overwriting items in output slot

shower TE being recreated on every load

info book crash with ModularPowerSuits

info book crash on items without recipes

cannon not working with world ticks disabled

graves not spawning when played died in void

sprinkler droplet visual range

delay luggage renderer initialization to prevent render glitches
Updated OpenModsLib 0.6 - 0.7
Commands not usable in single player
Updated OpenPeripheral AIO-1 - AIO-2
OpenComputers integration
peripherals now add help entries
Wireless Keyboard
Item selector peripheral
Visibility attribute on glasses components
glasses objects can be rotated
Glasses objects now have userdata
Glasses terminal not resetting terminal ID when dropped and placed
AE2 Integration
MFR DSU and JABBA support
TE Lamp support
Updated Opis 1.2.3 - 1.2.5
Colored chat
Command autocompletion
Server error on /help
Compatibility fix for bad typecasting in entity lists
Updated RF Tools 2.71 - 2.75
Dimension and dimlet changes:
Draconium Ore is now made a lot more expensive and rare (it is the most expensive dimlet now) in order to not break the balance of Draconic Evolution.
Swapped evening and morning dimlets. They were the wrong way around. This also fixes the time absorber. This has no effect on existing worlds!
When the time absorber is ticked at the wrong time it will worsen (previously nothing happened).
Made a new Dimlet Filter block. This block is similar to the Item Filter but knows how to filter dimlets based on rarity, type and craftability.
Fixed the material absorber to keep the correct metadata so that shiny ore is no longer absorbed as copper.
Fixed the dimlet workbench so it also works with the correct metadata from the absorbed material,
Screen system changes:
The redstone screen module can now also monitor redstone level on random non-rftools blocks.
Implemented a new computer screen module which is intended to be used with Open Computers.
Support for colored screens by selecting the screen with a dye.
The screen renderer will now restore GL_LIGHTING if it was enabled before. This should avoid some flickering that sometimes happened near screens.
Added a new module that can monitor RFTools machines in general. Currently it supports the endergenic generator, the spawner and the matter transmitter.
Environmental Controller changes:
The modules in the environmental controller react a lot faster now.
Added redstone support to the environmental controller.
Added a new peaceful module for the environmental controller.
Other changes:
Made the top and bottom icon for most machines distinct from the side. This allows texture pack makers more freedom in chosing how RFTools blocks look.
Fixed a bug with the fluid module as well as the fluid monitor crashing with some tanks (i.e. Tinkers Construct smeltery is one example).
Many cross-mod compatibility improvements:
Energy Module and RF Monitor can now properly read Mekanism energy cubes and convert to RF.
Energy Module and RF Monitor should be able to read the Draconic Evolution energy storage (might need a dev version of DE).
Inventory Module understands and correctly shows the amount of items in the MFR DSU and Jabba Barrel. It will shorten the amount using suffixes if it is too big to fit.
ComputerCraft support for all blocks that supported OpenComputers: shield projector, dialing device, dimension builder, and screen controller.
Support for Recurrent Complex to add custom structure dimlets. To do this you need to add something like: 'recurrentcomplex.<dimletname> = <type>' to the 'recurrentcomplex' section in the main configuration. The <dimletname> should be the name you want the dimlet to have in game and <type> should be a dimension type which Recurrent Complex can use to control structure spawning. See ... _Structure and ... ing_a_Maze for more information on Recurrent Complex and how to export structures.
Moved Infusable to the public API for RFTools so other mods can now add infusable blocks if they want.
Documented MachineInformation interface so that other mods can now also support the Machine Information screen module.
Big restructure of the dimlet type specific configuration. This configuration is now handled by the type itself and also modularized into a single config section per type. That makes it much easier to configure a given type as everything will be together. It is recommended to delete your configs and manually reapply any changes that you want to do. Otherwise you will have a big mess of old and new config values.
Big change in how modifier relative costs are calculated. In the past it was just a single factor for using a material/liquid together with a terrain or feature. Now it is smarter as it classifies the features into 4 classes and uses a different factor depending on that. That means that for example it will be cheaper to use diamond block with 'oregen' feature compared to using diamond block with tendrils. This makes sense because with tendrils it is much easier to find the diamond blocks and there are also a lot more. Same for liquids. Shallow ocean feature is now almost as expensive as using the liquid as a base liquid for oceans. A consequence of this change is that the base material cost (for terrain) has lowered slightly, the cost when using materials with oregen is lower but the cost when using materials with tendrils and canyons will be higher. This is of course all configurable.
The Mob Default dimlet is back from vacation.
Fixed crafting recipe for the dimlet filter. The unknown dimlet was missing.
Rebalanced Gelid Cryotheum as it was way too expensive for what it is.
Fixed the MachineInformation screen module so that it remembers the information when the gui is opened/closed.
Fixed registration with Waila. This should make tooltips work better again.
Moved the Draconic Core API to the correct spot. This way Draconic Evolution support actually works.
Blacklisted biome Sky as that can spawn the ender dragon.
Fixed a serious problem in how strings were sent over the network. Everything worked fine for english minecraft simulations but started becoming seriously wrong if multi-byte characters were used. In that case things would get out of sync with serious consequences. Sending over strings is now done in an international language compatible manner.
Fixed energy handling. Energy producers and consumers now implement the correct interface. This avoids a problem where it was possible to extract energy back out of an RFTools machine. This also fixes various weird problems with RFTools machines not performing as well as they could because cables/conduits/nearby machines kept sucking out power almost as fast as it was being entered. So in general, this is a great energy/stability fix.
Fix in registring of ore dimlets to make it more robust.
Updated Russian and Chinese translations and added Taiwanese/Hong Kong translations.
Updated Runic Dungeons 1.1.0 - 1.1.1
Belt O' Experience
Advanced Belt O' Experience
Config to disable items
Config to disable blocks
Config to allow only operators to create portals
Bug regarding guardian spawns
Ender belt not being disabled
Rooms not generating correctly
Portals being able to be broken/created in the runic dungeons
Updated Solar Expansion 1.4f - 1.5a
Solar Helmeys
Recipe to convert lapis shards back into lapis lazuli
Updated Steve's Addons 0.9.11 - 0.9.15
Improved the delete function to also delete anything inside a command group
NPE when people incorrectly implement IFluidHandler
Issue with EnderStorage returning null fluid from tanks
Bit overflow problem with containers
Slight derp with the config elements
Updated Thaumic Energistics -
Jar labels can be set in the essentia terminal
Config option that controls if essentia gas can be used by ExtraCells
Crafting cores now uses 3 quicksilver drops
Crafting 1k storage cells takes 2 less essence
Clarified some thaumonomicon entries
Essentia filler-slots can now be set by jar labels
Invalid tile entities being used by blocks
Removed essentia types not being ignored properly on launch
Assembler AE-network connection intialization
Wrench focus when quartz wrench is disabled
A.C.T and right clicks on the crafting result
Aspect registration crash
Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-471 - 2.5-481
Updated Thermal Dynamics 1.0.0RC7-98 - 1.0.0RC8-105
Updated Twilight Forest 2.3.4 - 2.3.5
Block and chain tool
Knightmetal ring item
Cube of annihilation
Talisman of the cube
Huge lily pads to swamps
Huge water lily flowers
Repair materials for block and chain, ice bow
Giant blocks now self destruct when one of their smaller blocks is destroyed or changed
Canopy oak trees now have 2-block wide trunks
Rainbow oak and small twilight oak trees growing with the wrong leaves
Rainbow oak giving the wrong leaf block with pick block
Bug causing labyrinth entrances to frequently be 3 blocks off the actual ground
Crash if the knight phantoms lose their equipped item
Updated Wawla 1.1.1 - 1.2.1
Block breaking percentages
TNT fuse time
Villager professions
Armor Values
Default tooltips for some modules
Missing data report
Wawla specific configuration file
Support for IV and EV values in pixelmon
Ability to view pixelmon data without sneaking
Removed hat module
Location of data dump
The data dump now only sends entries not listed on the github page
Small issues with the harvest module
Unnecessary data syncing
Console spam

Config Changes
Changed to keep 20 backups instead of 12
Pam's Harvestcraft
Disabled Salt generation
Project Red
Disabled Marble Caves
Decreased Marble Caves resistance to 0
Enabled Firestone
Runic Dungeons
Changed Biome ID from 78 to 199
Thermal Foundation
Restricted light level blizzes may spawn
Changed Hellhound spawn height from 50 to 25

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