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 Post subject: FTB Direwolf20 1.0.4 Released
PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:06 pm 
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The FTB team has recently released Direwolf20 version 1.0.4. We highly recommend current customers who are running Direwolf20 (Minecraft 1.7.10 version) update to this latest build as it addresses a number of stability issues with the previous builds.

Here are the patch notes:

Version Changes

Removed BC API
Removed Binnie-Fix
Removed CoFHLib
Added Buildcraft Compat 6.3.1
CoFH API integration (automatic output to BC pipes from TE machines, proper tesseract support)

MineTweaker APIs for recipe changing

NEI integration (with ledger overlaying)

Forge MultiPart support for the Builder
Updated AOBD 2.3.5 - 2.4.0
New Texture for the clusters thaumcraft research
Support for Tinker's Construct Smelteries
Support for SimpleOreGrinder
Wrong Energy values being passed to the EnderIO's SAG Mill
Weird crash related to GT
Updated Applied Energistics rv2-beta-1 - rv2-beta-8
Sound improvements
Use player inventory to let NEI fill a recipe when it is not provided by the network
Default tool for crank from pickaxe to axe
Formation plane can now drop blocks as items
Removed buffer from annihilation plane
Disable level emitter on offline networks Turns off level emitters if the goes offline because it runs out of power, channels or similar
Disabled features not being disabled
Inventory validation for any kind of player
Crash on achievement
Missing null check for people with disabled channels
Several missing null checks when disabling huge chunks of the mod via config
NPE on usage of FZ sculpting tool
NPE on disabled facades
Vanishing microblocks with Immibis's Microblocks
Waila Integration
Updated Baubles -
Updated Big Reactors 0.4.0A - 0.4.1A2
Updated to latest CoFHCore
Configs which can alter the power production of turbines and reactors separately
Updated Binnie's Mods 2.0-dev5 - 2.0-pre6b
Alveary Transmission
Mutation for Dwarf Hazel
Temporary recipes for hops, grains and yeasts
Config inside forestry config folder to enable/disable specific mods
New botany related things. You can make 80 different pigments, and use them to stain glass, or stain clay and use this to create 100000s of possible ceramic tile combinations.
Alternative iron trowel recipe if chisel is present
Can place two block flowers (rose, lilac and peony)
Ocean bees now mutate in any ocean biome (not just vanilla)
Gene registration now occurs world load to prevent load order issues
Black pigment can be crafted using ink sac and two other pigments due to unobtainable black flowers
Removed fence recipes temporarily to reduce load times
Place serums, and sequences in furnace to empty them
Removed power system recipes, all machines accept both RF and EU
Tooltip for Glassworker to reflect materials
Crash with unnamed items in NEI
Distillery not saving the current level setting
Machines with multiple input tanks not accepting liquids
Flowers not dropping when they should
Compatibility with Forestry 3.4.0
Sap/resion energy in biogas engine
Localisation issues with woodworker GUIs
Blocking crash on servers
Compatibility with BC 6.2.6
Incubator stopping if there is no room
Corrupted recipes crashing with HEE
Crash with IC2
NPE in localisation
Crash with unstable forestry build
Crash due to recipe for removed block
Frame housing losing content on world load
Updated Biomes O Plenty -
Config option to disable BoP title panorama
Readded various stone types, gem/ore blocks and hive blocks
Final features to single coral
Enabled pixie spawning
Enabled jar picking the honey
Dandelion right click in creative mode
Mahogany wood not being registered as logWood
Updated Blood Magic 1.3.0Beta-6 - 1.3.0b-3
Creative Activation Crystal
First stages for Project: Omega
Demon limit to the config
Commands to edit SoulNetwork
Removed right click functionality of demon portal
Made Blood Orbs not allow FakePlayer usage
Extended FakePlayer check to TT's Dynamism Tablet
Removed Hubris
Tweaked phlegmatic and choleric values of the blood
Called off the Alpha Pact
Removed debug for Demon Invasion system
Demons now save if they do or do not drop their demon crystals on reloading of entity
Removed unneeded tiers for the demon invasion
Zephyr dupe bug
Updated Botania r1.3-143 - r1.4-159
Due to the size of this changelog I will link to it instead of reposting it:
Updated Buildcraft 6.2.6 - 6.3.6

Lenses and Filters (color sorting)

Quartz Gates

Separated hollow facades

Scrollwheel support in Gate and Zone Planner GUIs

Gates and wires glowing in the dark

Performance optimizations

Improvements to robot AI

Higher oil viscosity

Multiple energy pulses in the Autarchic Gate now behave correctly again

Multiple rendering bugs

Quarries being too slow

Overly high networking usage for the Refinery

Assembly Table GUI synchronization
Updated Carpenter's Blocks 3.2.8 - 3.3.5

Proper pane (doors, hatch, etc) alpha rendering and new configuration option to disable.

Block illumination; sneak right-click a block with glowstone dust.
Carpenter's Garage Door and five total styles.
Rail and pole ladder styles.

Redstone propagation for Carpenter's Block

Several routable fluid styles in configuration; pick whichever works best for you.

Lantern torch style.

Diamond and emerald plated safe (same upgrade capacity as gold).

Block rotation support.

Altering open garage door piece now alters bottom piece instead.

Routable fluids changed again; defaults to off, and utilizes fastest, non-glitchy method available if enabled.

Buttons can now be placed on top or bottom faces of block.

Pressure plates can now be placed on any side of block.

Daylight sensor can now be placed on sides of block, and has a new dynamic sensitivity setting.

Fancy fluids no longer restricted to fancy graphics, should look cleaner.

Garage door bottom cover is now shown at top when garage door is open.

Removed block ownership conversion compatibility code for name-changing system.


Door and bed dropping wrong item.

Plant in flower pot rendering on incorrect render pass.

Blocks with custom sound types not producing step sounds.

Invisible cover bug produced using Better Furnaces mod.

Possible sound event crash (may fix Thaumcraft crash).

Bed dye colors not applying correctly.

Cactus being non-placeable next to button, lever, etc.

Slope selection possibly altering adjacent inventory items.

Bug preventing sneak-click slope placement.

Slope corner orientation bug.

Torch/lantern not rendering base block display particles.

Block destruction dropping Carpenter's block with invalid metadata.

Long-standing brightness problem.

Placing side covers now plays correct sound.

Improved ShadersModCore support; slopes and collapsible block now shade properly.

Stretched textures on interior oblique sloped faces when rotating textures.

Crash when loading mod as jar in development environment.

Possible crash when removing covers.

Dupe bug on block destruction.

Incorrect texture dimensions on bottom of torch.

Item dupe bug.

Crash when placing blocks at void layer, and potentially at world ceiling.

Open garage door texture anomaly on host piece under certain conditions.

Possible garage door crash when destroying the host's support block.

Block step sounds not working correctly when other players walk on Carpenter's Blocks.

Posts always connecting to adjacent solid blocks.

Tweaked attribute drops to preserve NBT data and fix some mod drops.

Server-side crash when FancyFluids is enabled.
Updated ChickenChunks -
Updated Chisel 2 2.1.3 - 2.2.1
Non purple fantasy blocks
More variations to dark oak and acacia
Hex Plating
Technical Blocks
Christmas Present
Warning Signs
Various missing hardness/resistance values to blocks
Missing recipes for technical blocks
Missing light value to torches
Auto Chisel is upgradable
Removed chisel left click
Waterstone bug
Fantasy Pilla'
Compatibility with Colored Lights mod
Updated CodeChickenLib -
Updated Compact Solars -
Updated EnderIO -
Forestry upgrades for DS armor
Speed downgrade for item conduits. Allows conduits to pull only one item at a time
All machines will now have progress tooltips on the progress animation
Hardened conduit facades. Have a higher hardness and blast resistance (TNT-proof) than normal facades.
Recipe to upgrade capacitors to the next tier
Buffer. Comes in 4 Tyes: Item, Power, Omni and Creative
Default recipe for the "repair" enchant from Thaumcraft
Connected photovoltaic panels
Support for old and new chisel versions
Farming support for cocoa, mana beans and giant mushrooms
Percentage tooltip to the grinding ball remaining bar
Ex Nihilo recipes to SAG mill default recipes
Modes for SAG mill bonuses
Whitelist for hoes supported by farming station
SAG mill recipe for charged certus quartz crystals
All blocks now support the vanilla breaking animation properly
Conduit connectors combine into a single box, this fixes z-fighting issues (especially with texture packs)
Split internal and external conduit connector textures
Some more default hoes added to the config
Localized GUI names, WAILA configs, and the rest of the tooltips
Improve double chest support on the mod item filter snapshot
Add support for sending grinding balls via IMC
All Killer Joes will now have the same UUID, for server admin purposes
Wither skeletons will now drop Tcon necrotic bones and respect Tcon beheading
Improve efficiency of wireless chargers
Refactor how all EIO blocks drop themselves, should resolve all? issues with such in the future
It is now possible to use the yeta wrench shift+left click in creative mode
Alloy smelter will now give smelting achievements (iron, fish)
Wireless charger will now keep its stored energy when picked up
EnderIO GUIs with tabs will move NEI items out of the way
Wireless Charger can be deactivated with redstone
Removed AE2 rv1 support completely
Farm axe detection should now support modded axes
Crash when placing ME Conduits
Crash with iguana tweaks level ups in farm
Some crashes with facades and WAILA
Painted slabs will no longer drop in creative mode
Enchanter and yeta wrench tooltips
The alignment of the progress arrow in the slice'n'splice
IItemDuct methods not checking filters. This should allow machines pushing to conduits to be filtered properly
Wither skeletons not spawning and fix their equipment/rendering
Tooltips rendering underneath the IO config
IO config changing NEI item lighting
Item conduits pulling and preserving invalid stacksizes (fixes issues with filing cabinets)
Blocks not dropping in explosions
Buffers ignoring redstone mode
Painted glowstone and electric lights not dropping the correct items
Obelish hovering item being stuttery
Capacitor bank render glitch when restitching textures
Obelisk bounds
Soulbound enchant being missed when ID set to -1
Travel anchor teleport being one block off in certain directions
Crash when painted block placed at y=0
Farming station trying to harvest certain non-bush blocks above berry bushes
Dupe bug with infernal mobs and killer joe
Small capacitor bank bug causing 2x as much power to be pulled
Travel anchor dropping in creative
Capacitor banks refusing to be set to input mode when connected to certain blocks
Crash when tons of capacitor banks edited at once
Debug spam from photovoltaics
Advanced Item filter not matching some bees properly
Obelisk hovering item being broken in fast graphics
Grinding ball duration bar not rendering sometimes
Fill gauge connecting on creative capacitor banks
Farm not using hoes once they are damaged
Broken mana bean config
Updated EnderStorage -
Updated EnderZoo -
Wither cats being invincible to mob grinders
Updated Factorization -

Shift-clicking an otherwise blank servo rail with an LMP will remove the color

Screw pump's max pump height is now 12 instead of 7

The nametag buff can no longer be applied infinitely

Better format for the half-hour time reminders

Barrels don't break in creative mode, unless you shift-punch.

Barrels don't render the item count if the item count is 1.


Shifting goo into the void will return it to you; use this to recover goo that is inconvenient to break

Goo now expands twice as quickly, and punching it removes a larger area

Using goo in creative mode should behave better

Creative-mode players can spread goo up to 1024 blocks

Fixed z-fighting at certain camera angles

Shows a bounding box in the tool tip


Clicking on a screwpump with a fluid container will drain its buffer into the container

Pumps faster

Uses a bit less power

No longer floods for free


High-fired sculptures that were glazed with a block that was since removed (or with those old glaze textures) can have a new glaze applied for free

Raw glazes have colors that are actually random rather than just varying shades of red.

Pocket Crafting Table lag

Horrific infinite steam bug

AT verifier issues
Updated Forestry -
Many many bug fixes: View Changelog Here
Placeable fluids support
Improved Hive and World-gen
Updated Forge Multipart -
Updated Funky Locomotion beta-3 - beta-4
Bug that incorrectly stopped rendering of tile entities that do not have any static rendering
Updated Help Fixer 1.0.5 - 1.0.7
Updated IC2 Nuclear Control 2.0.5b - 2.1.2a
Full Gregtech Recipes
WAILA support for a few blocks
Big Reactors support for monitoring their reactors with an Industrial Information Panel
RF Support for the Energy Counter/Average Counter
Orange Lamp
Information Panels sides have a IC2-style texture from Pyro
Recipes part of config is now case-insensitive
Disabled Web Upgrade's recipe and use
Name in Creative Tab
Buttons in the average counter
Wrench drops working incorrectly with the advanced panels
Heat bug with the Thermal Monitor
Updated INpureCore 1.0.0B7-19 - 1.0.0B8-49
Groovy support to script engine system
Updated scripting system to work with the BC 6.3.2 release
Missing slash in the resource URL
Updated Iron Chests -
Updated Jabba 1.2.0 - 1.2.0a
Changelog located here:
Updated MineMenu 1.1.8.B40 - 1.2.0.B44
Moved menu,json location out of config folder
Updated MineTweaker 3.0.9B - 3.0.9C
Removed recipe rollback being broken in some rare occurrences
Updated Modular Powersuits -
Updated MPS recipes for TE4
Updated MrTJP Core -
Weighted Random resolver
Crude cubemap rendering
New world helper functions
Model parsing helper functions
World generation and retrogen handler
World generators
Plant Helper classes
Perlin Noise Generator
Utility class for configs
Block library
mcmeta file
Updated NEI Addons -
Crash if any of the forestry modules were disabled
Updated NEI Integration 1.0.3 - 1.0.6
Tooltips for unlocalized names and maximum stack sizes of items
Dumpers for entity and dimension IDs
Config option to disable FluidRegistry handler
Harvestcraft handlers
Big Reactors Cyanite Reprocessor handler
Localized/display names to Ore Dictionary, Fluid and Fluid Container Dumps
Chest loot dumper
Ore Dictionary usage recipe handler
Tooltip for how much liquid glass a smelting input is worth in T.Fabricators
Removed BC Handlers (Now in BC Compat)
Fluid Registry Handler is now disabled by default
Removed unnecessary caching from some Forestry Handlers
Crash in Thermionic Fabricator handler
Updated Not Enough Items -
Updated OpenBlocks 1.3-snapshot-513 - 1.3
Updated OpenModsLib 0.6-snapshot-268 - 0.6
Updated OpenPeripheral Addons 0.2.0-snapshot-139 - 0.2.0
Updated OpenPeripheral Core 0.5.0-snapshot-172 - 0.5.0
Updated OpenPeripheral Integration 0.1.0-snpashot-17 - 0.1.0
Updated PneumaticCraft 1.4.3-40 - 1.5.6-59

Conditions to drones

Liquid Filter/Import/Export pieces

Jump/Label pieces

Wait piece

RF Import/Export pieces

Drop Item piece

Entity Import/Export pieces

Emit Redstone piece

Entity Right Click and Block Right Click piece

The ability to import/export a certain amount of items/fluid.
'Rename Drone' piece.

Thaumcraft support for the Pneumatic Helmet.

"getUpgrades" method to the Drone Interface. Allows to get the upgrades a Drone has.

OpenComputers support.

'getAction' CC/OC command to the Drone Interface.

Drone Teleport puzzle piece.

Chisel 2 support.

MFR Fertilizer support

"setRenameString" method to the Drone Interface.

A 'deliveryAmazon' command.

'Suicide' puzzle piece.

Pneumatic plants will now be part of bonemealed grass

You can now bonemeal Dirt, End Stone, and Netherrack to get pneumaticcraft plants (configurable)

Refactored Assembly System

Improved Programmer's programming area (increased size, added scrolling and zooming).

Updated to Forestry's new name for BioFuel, biofuel & bioethanol

Drones now will swap their currently holding item to the best item to dig an area.

Drone's now don't get dropped when wrenched in creative.

Drones now abort their action early if they can (like not trying to place blocks when not having any blocks).

Aerial Interface computer peripheral can only be accessed from the top/bottom now. Potential fix for not being able to access the inventory via OpenPeripherals.

Updated to the new WAILA.

You can now right click blocks to plant seeds.

The Air Grate Module can now farm plastic plants.

Blocks can now be rotated/removed by any wrench (not limited to the Pneumatic Wrench anymore).

When sneak-clicking with a wrench, (most) PneumaticCraft blocks will now drop.
Removed leftover debug code, which caused a crash when using the Manometer on SMP.
Pneumatic Door base forgets speed upgrades (on client).
Elevator crashes on certain occasions when redstone controlled
You can't interact with the Plastic Mixer's inventory.

Assembly System gets stuck when removing and putting back a program

Elevator Frames bug out rendering of transparent blocks.

Pneumatic Dynamo loses RF energy.

Waila is labeling plants mature when they aren't. Fixes #303

(Advanced) Air Compressor is using 10x as much fuel as it should.

Missing texture when trying to camo with Chisel.

Lighting issue with elevators.

A generic Java exception is thrown instead of a descriptive lua exception when dealing with PneumaticCraft CC peripherals.

Drone still executing actions (when pushed around) when he's out of pressure.

Some rare crashes with the Drone Interface (CC compatibility) due to race conditions.
Drone places blocks even when there are entities occupying the block space.
Crash when using XU Golden Lasso on Drone.
Server startup crashes.
Pneumatic Helmet Drone program renderer displays the cycled program render, instead of just the program.

Lag when connecting a Creative Compressor with too high pressure to a machine with Security Upgrade.

Fixed logic of Assembly Machines

Elevator moving players is buggy and can cause falling damage

Drones cause lag when trying to teleport to entities to attack.

Crash when using ComputerCraft and adding a 'nil' text filter to the Drone Interface.

Squid Plant breaks itself in farming set-ups.

Crash when interacting with entities using CC support.

Sync issue with Charging Stations.

Waila info isn't synced properly.

Slight memory leak with pressure blocks.

Plants don't grow when there's a block directly above.

Crashes with certain Drone Interface actions.

Drone will steal XP when right clicking an Essence Berry for example.

Pressure Chamber not fully respecting OreDictionary.

Plastic plants only grow one growth stage per bonemeal, and don't execute a full grown effect when bonemealed again.

Crash when using older forge, added dependency on correct version.

Pneumatic Wrench doesn't work correctly when having Buildcraft installed.
Updated Project Red -
Stacking Latch gate
Segment Display gate
Deviating Lily
Config option for minimum timer gate settings
Pressure tubes + Importer machine
Block Breaker
Decoding Randomizer gate
Complete gate rewrite
Simplified Extractor chip's glitchy side selection
Enabled tube device inventory export
SR Latch stuck state bug
Infinite update loop on Bus Input Panel
Colored Lights crash
Many incorrect/weird gate models
Some awkward volcano generation
Crash on world generation
Time set on sequencers
Sickles not harvesting tall grass
Light halos breaking at large world coordinates
Rare crash with array gate placement
Thermal Expansion compatibility
Lily maturing fully after world reload
OpenPeripherals crash
Sickles harvesting grass blocks
Bundled cable crash when moved by frame
Decorative blocks having invalid harvest levels
Updated Railcraft -
Regular Expression support to Dest and Name Routing Conditionals. Uses '?=' as keyword. Example: "Dest?=*.Hill"
Comparator support to Iron/Steel Tanks. (contribution by daniel and Yopu)
Thaumcraft Void Metal Crowbar (contribution by Yopu)
Packed Ice Stairs and Slabs.
Less Than/Greater Than modes to the Item Detector.
A new Routing Table conditional, "Type=<modid:itemname>", for matching against Minecart item names.
New Routing Table conditionals, "Ridden=<true/false>" and "Riding=<username>", for checking if someone is riding a train.
Ability to modify the Routing Table "Name=" conditional to accept "null" to indicate that the Minecart does not have a custom name.
Config option to explicitly disable the generation of new Tracking Aura blocks.
Analog Controller Box to be more flexible. It now allows ranges. (contribution by wooky)
Loosened up fluid transfer rates for Tanks and Boilers, we want to support mods other than Buildcraft better.
Rewrite Locking Track Logic to be more dependable (contribution by ssotangkur)
Don't send non-breakable-space (nbsp) characters to the Font Renderer as it seems that Minecraft can't correctly render them. Fixes issues with number formatting in certain locales.
Fix Tank Cart Item Rendering so its not randomly transparent.
Tweak Fluid Loader logic and add Fluid Filter slot. Fixes #442 Closes #421
Track Tiles should override shouldRefresh() to prevent metadata changes from wiping the TileEntity.
Fix particle velocity values.
Ensure that Gears and Plates are initialized in pre-init when Factory is disabled and Locomotives are enabled.
Fix the code that allows the Furnace Cart to accept any type of Fuel.
Fix Locomotive shift-clicking.
Fixed corruption issues with the Analog Controller Box, the two Distant Signal variants and the Signal Relay Box caused by reordering the metadata mappings when the Analog Controller Box was added.
Track Layer now ignores plants. (Yopu)
Possible fix for IC2 EnergyNet issues (Issue #404)
Various minor fixes to Force Tracks. Make unbreakable and remove from creative.
Tweak track item creation, should eliminate stacking issues.
Locomotives shouldn't forget Emblems when broken.
Add a hack to keep Gregtech from removing my Locomotive Painting and Emblem recipes.
Updated Steve's Factory Manager A92 - A93
Updated Thaumcraft -
Way to create obelisks in creative mode
Loot and stuff to spend loot on

Greatwood and silverwood slabs to the ore dictionary

New level 3 upgrade for the excavation focus

Small chance for certain mobs to spawn as "champions" with slightly more advanced abilities compared to their normal counterparts.

Recipe to craft your own eldritch eyes once the proper research has been unlocked
Updated to Baubles
Custom Thaumcraft shaders can be turned off in the config
Some runic shielding parameters can be modified in the config
Eldritch guardians are now weaker in some realities
Disabled piping staves or other non-wand items into workbenches
When holding a warding focus, all warded blocks will be visible but those not belonging to you will have a reddish color
Crafting sceptres now have an innate 10% vis discount instead of 5%
Crafting thaumonomicon with a focus attached will fail.
Reverted to previous way of rendering infused ores, but added a new fix for AF
Void robe and fortress armor should no longer absorb damage from normally unblockable sources like starvation
Made some significant changes to object aspects
Increased cap per aspect when scanning to 64 (from 10). This cannot be changed in the config file anymore.
Now no item can have more than 6 aspects linked to it
Reworked how aspect values are calculated from ingredients
Cognitio is no ignis + spiritus and telum is ignis + instrumentum.
Sinister and pure nodes won't alter biomes or spawn creatures in the nether, end or blacklisted biomes
Golems won't take something from an inventory unless they think there is somewhere for that item to go
Any items that a golem doesn't immediately find a use or destination for is placed on an ignore list for 10 seconds
Alchemy golems can now interact with all sides of a reservoir
Alchemy golems will now fill empty void jars as their lowest possible priority
Liquid golems now have a handy new ability with the proper upgrade installed
Forbidden knowledge research icons will pulse if they can be learned like those of other researches
Colors on a vis relay can now be cycled through by clicking with a wand
Triple meat treats no longer require a bowl to craft
Warded glass is now immune to explosions and wither destruction
Hungry nodes will no longer gain aspects even when not able to destroy a block
Altered the way hungry nodes break blocks
Hungry nodes now have more particles
Essentia mirrors no longer have a chance to lose essentia in transit
Changed way wand focii are upgraded. The old potency, frugal and treasure enchants are no more
Effective area of the lamp of growth should no be properly centered on the lamp
Slightly increased spawning rate of eldritch stone rings in the overworld
Shovel of the earthmover now has more interesting placement mechanics
Hover harness will no longer reduce your block breaking speed while flying with it
Excavation focus now drop xp when you mine a block that drops xp
Infusion crafting will now properly handle damage wildcards
Slightly altered way "tuned" relays connect
Vis relays now require line of sight to each other to connect
Rebalanced some focus upgrades
Unupgraded warding focus will now lose a lot of momentum once they hit an entity
Sun scorned "positive" effect now just does a straight heal instead of trying to add the regeneration bug
Focus manipulator now plays a sound when it completes
Fire resistant golems are now truly fire resistant

Champions have a much higher chance of spawning in dangerous biomes or locations

Removed the old wand enchants from infusion enchantment recipe list

The creative obelisk creator now makes an altar stone at the base. Just a word of warning - even when completed you may not get a maze on the other side if it is near an existing obelisk.

Removed coin related trades from vanilla villagers and added a new "moneychanger" villager to change your coins into useful objects

Fire focus embers won't be able to pass through solid objects anymore

Removed hard-coding of various tool harvest levels

Dowsing on the excavation focus will now add the native clusters ability to the arcane bore

Nerfed some of the loot that can appear in uncommon loot bags

The arcane spa can no longer place water in the nether

Traveling trunks should no longer despawn if commanded to stay put in unloaded chunks

Increased the difficulty of champion mobs

Golems can now draw any amount of essentia from buffers, not just multiples of their carrying capacity.

Removed lies from cake

Glimmers of light produced by arcane lamps are no longer tile entities and do not produce particle FX anymore.

Warp events will now steadily reduce in frequency and eventually stop if you refrain from gaining warp or doing any warp related activities. The moment you gain warp again this resets.

The cultist portal will now always drop its reward no matter how it is destroyed
An exploit which allowed essentia crystalizers to be used as essentia converters
Crash with nodes and buffers'
Terrible bug that meant most crafting-grid recipes were only using their trop 3 slots to calculate the aspect value in items
Fill golems now properly iterate through all specified items
Crash caused by hungry node FX referencing the wrong block type
Possible stack overflow error in vis relays
Travelling Trunk dupe bug
Essentia valve rotation with a wand
Hover harness exploits
Dupe for mods that spawn custom dropped items that pass through mirrors
Exploit where it was possible to apply foci to sceptres
Symbols on banners not following the banner movements or placement
Greatwood and silverwood stairs bounding boxes
Essentia loss that occurs when using alchemy golems to fill thaumatoriums
Arcane crafting consuming double the required vis

Vis cost for the silk touch focus upgrade so it doesn't ask for the impossible

Advanced alchemy furnace render bug

Flux scrubber tube connections

Some rendering issues with the advanced alchemical furnace

Crash caused by mods that add copper or silver ore.

Recursion crash with vis relay network

Infinite loop with spined champion mobs attacking other entities with thorns
Updated Thaumic Exploration 1.1-29 - 1.1-37
Food blacklist
Temporary Details for
Crash with Thaumic Tinkerer
Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-161 - 2.5-162
Updated to latest Thaumcraft
Buildcraft Crash
Updated TiC Tooltips 1.1.11b - 1.2.3
Compatibility with Tinkers Construct 1.8.0+
Knockback tool stat where applicable
Sprint Damage tool stat where applicable
New modifier localization code from the latest TiC
Crash in creative menu when EBXL was installed
Potential IndexOutOfBoundsException
Accidental redistribution of TiC access transformer file
Updated Tinkers Construct 1.7.1d - 1.8.2a
NEK integration
New Ranged weapons
Underground Biomes Constructs support
Complete rework of bows and projectiles
Describe the Flux Modifier changes from last patch in the books
Up to 2 Thaumometers can be added to the goggles. 1 makes node visible, 2 turns them into goggles of revealing
Slab pattern chests now also keep their inventory
Standard Tinkers weapons can be used with battlegear again
Smeltery module should now be deactivatable
Necrotic modifier only heals when hitting stuff that is alive
Some cross-mod behaviours with Blue Slimes/King Slime
Small cross-mod fix that changes stone-harvest tool when chisel is present
Slimy grass being harvestable without silktouch
Rendering colored liquids incorrectly in the smelteries and tanks
Liquid blue slime not being recognized as liquid
Some other mods not recognizing tinker tools as the proper tools (pick/axe/...)
A crash that could occur when draining a castning basin or table
Moss on javelins removing ammo
Daggers returning arrows
Stone-crossbow-bodies giving extra modifiers
Crashes with outdated mods
Crash when toggling belt
Compatibility with Iguana Tweaks
Player Resizing
Smite/Antispider not giving any bonus damage!
Items taken from drying racks or casting table/basins or oreberries sometimes not showing up in the inventory
Some tools messing up boss-health rendering
Some graphical/text issues
Crash when trying to craft bows/crossbows with materials that don't support it
Some fixes when TinkerSmeltery is disabled
Some more crash fixes and preventions
Bows/Crossbows with custom graphics not animating correctly
Updated Tinkers Mechworks 0.2.10 -
Disabled shift clicking items into Advance Drawbridge, Shift clicking to pull items from the Advance Drawbridge still works.
Redstone interactions with some mods
Placing out of world bounds.
Placing ComputerCraft blocks
Blacklist check when shift clicking a blacklisted stack
Piping items in drawbridges bypassing blacklist and camo checks.
Updated Twilight Forest 2.3.1 - 2.3.3
Tooltip to fiery and yeti items
Renamed penguin to glacier penguin to avoid conflicts
Renamed highlands biome to twilight highlands
Removed fiery aura and chill aura enchants instead making the effect innate to the items
Began converting lighted forest biome to firefly forest
Glowstone in hanging lamps to firefly jars
Increased firefly jar brightness
Removed debug message when generating minotaur maze
Removed debug messages related to armor calculation
Excluded openblocks graves from structure block protection
Crash when using magic beans on a dedicated server
NPE with sorting tree block
Crash when using enderbow on a dedicated server
Server crash with unstable ice core mobs
Updated Waila 1.5.6a - 1.5.9
Changelog located here:
Updated Waila Harvestability 1.1.0 - 1.1.2
Special compatibility for the creative blocks mod (Harvestability info will be hidden for blocks whitelisted as creative blocks)
Improved harvest level name integration with Iguana Tinker Tweaks
Updated Witchery 0.20.6 - 0.22.0
Witchery changelog is linked due to it's size: ... on-history

Config Changes
Increased Modem range by 1000 blocks (for all conditions including storm, high altitude etc)

Recipe Changes
Changed Voidstone recipe

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