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 Post subject: FTB Direwolf20 1.1.1 Released
PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:15 pm 
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The FTB team has just released Direwolf20 1.1.1 (Minecraft 1.7.10 based). Current customers may update through mPanel under Server Updates > FTB. Here are the current patch notes:

Added EnderTech
Added Fastcraft 1.19
Added Thermal Dynamics 1.0.0RC2-77

Updated Applied Energistics rv2-beta-8 - rv2-beta-pre9
Issues with Annihilation Planes
Updated BiblioCraft 1.9.1 - 1.9.2
Fast graphics support for the backside of the regular shelves

Creative mode only bookcases that are randomly filled with random books (books such as those generated by the typewriter)

Config option to change the default scale of text in the big book

Bookcases now accept the new Thaumcraft tome of Crimson Rites by default

A potential dupe bug with the armor stand where it was possible to push the top block of the armor stand with a piston

A potential dupe bug when the atlas when it is on your hotbar

Carpet from rotating under a seat when the seat back is rotated

A bug that let potion shelves be placed on potion shelves

The drafting compass position on tool racks so it no longer disappears on some tool racks
Updated Big Reactors 0.4.1A2 - 0.4.2A2
setControlRodName and getControlRodLocation methods to computer port
Picks/wrenches can properly break a cyanite reprocessor without losing the blocks
ComputerCraft errors with Big Reactors will show up as errors in the computercraft computer rather than in the console log
Turbines accepting metal blocks as coil blocks
Saving issues with waste-ejection settings
Collision Geometry for turbine rotor breaings
Updated Binnie's Mods 2.0-pre6b - 2.0-pre7
Hanging on server when opening certain GUIs
Crash on server when opening databases
Ceramic blocks breaking instantly
Updated Botania r1.4-159 - r1.5-165
A new "Ender Artefacts" category to the Lexica Botania, it contains new and old ender related things. Some entries from other categories have been moved over to this.
A Tutorial Mode which guides you through the pages you should read, in order, to get a good understanding of the mod's basics.
Corporea, a new mechanic that allows for item verbal requesting. Here's a video of it in action while it was still in development, it looks a bit cooler now.
A Bottle of Ender Air, used as a crafting material and as means to create renewable End Stone.
End Stone Bricks and Chiseled End Stone Bricks. It's totally a good addition, stop judging me!
More alternate textures in the Unity texture pack style by Tobbvald to join those by Futureazoo, you can enable them in the config file.
Some disclaimers to the lexicon that shears made of mana materials will trigger tripwire and that blood magic messes with the fallen kanade (if BM is loaded).
32 cosmetic override items that can be crafted with baubles to replace the bauble's look with the one of the cosmetic item.
A Crystal Bow, a bow that creates arrows with mana and fires faster than normal.
A Livingwood Bow that acts as a normal bow but repairs with mana.
Decorative glowing mushrooms of all 16 colors. You can also find them underground. (Yes there's a config, get off my lawn!)
Mana Infused String as a crafting component.
The Ring of Correction. A ring that will swap your active tool (the one you have in hand) with the correct one for the block you're trying to break, works for mana tools only.
Changed some recipes to use a Bottle of Ender Air.
Changed the creative tab so all the fluff (decorative blocks and the like) is right at the end rather than in the middle.
Changed the texture for Livingwood, Dreamwood and the Lexica Botania to new, more detailed textures also by Tobbvald.
Reordered some things in the mana part of the creative tab to make more sense. I'm very perfectionist.
Fancified the lexicon index pages.
Changed the Terrasteel crafting page to say that there actually is a piece of livingrock below the plate, since nobody seems to get it.
Right clicking on a Petal Apothecary with an empty bucket removes the water. (gr8pefish)
Increased the priority of the Corporea Index chat interceptor so it happens before serverside ForgeIRC has a chance to broadcast the message over to the channel.
Optimized Spark code.

A timing related dupe with Force Relays.

The barrier display of the Gaia Guardian being 1 block off.

The Hardmode Gaia Guardian's missiles never despawning and causing a load on the server.

The Thorn Chakram and Enchanted Soil not being in the creative tab.

Server Crash

The Corporea Funnel not being in the creative tab.

The Ring of Magnetization not ignoring AE2 crystal seeds. Fireball tricked me with the wrong IDs last time but this time I foiled his plans to foil my plans by getting them right

Metamorphic Stone Slabs breaking in one click.

The Force Relay being able to destroy blocks in the world (Bedrock included). Also a rare crash that happened randomly it seems.

Fake players being able to equip baubles via right click, which led to a crash with Autonomous Activators from TE.

The background of lexicon entry buttons being black if the entry is priority elven knowledge.

The Elementium Sword giving a 50% boost to pixie spawn chance rather than 5%.

The Petal Apothecary eating Buckets. Also it being able to have water AND lava at once, what's up with that?

The Terra Blade not being able to actively repair with mana.
A spark crash when trying to remove an augment.
Livingwood Bows not consuming arrows.
Missing icons "mushroom16" and "corporeaIndex" being thrown to the console. I take this very seriously, it's annoying >.<
The config option for mushrooms being documented as having the 10 as the default rather than 40. Also added "botania" as a prefix to the worldgen options' descriptions to prevent confusion.
Updated Buildcraft 6.3.6 - 6.4.1
Filler Parameters
Additional pipe sealant recipe with slimeballs
Stripes pipe retraction with void pipes
Stripes robot
Programming Table
Robots now use energy
Improved robot pathfinding
Stripes pipes can now be put on armor and items on entities
Removed dropBrokenBlocks config
Pipe items now emit sounds on placement
Wooden pipe and solid facade issues
Architect Table crash
Quarry not chunkloading properly
Robot smoke particles causing fps drops
Robots not dropping inventory when destroyed
Power bugs
Gravestones not dropping contents when mined
Crashes on pipe corruption
Spawning a quarry crashing the game if chunkloading is enabled
Incorrect energy overflow rendering
Robot charging crash on world join
Issue with refinery and tanks
Builder allowing free ore dictionary conversion
Crash after setting go to station with robots
Builders not respecting player permissions
Missing Texture error in console
Incorrect builder inventory checks
Incorrect filler texture
Ledger open/close speed being FPS dependent
"Low/High Energy Stored" trigger behaving in unexpected ways
Maximum energy per tick not respected on multiple insertions
Minor energy bug
Robots crashing upon attempt to charge if not programmed
Updated Buildcraft Compat 6.3.1 - 6.4.0
Updated Chisel 2 2.2.1 -
Config options to control the color overlay of HexBlocks
Config option to chisel across colours
Valentines Blocks
Ability for other mods to add/remove variations or register an ore dictionary via IMC
New Chisel GUI
Auto Chisel
NEI Handler for seeing how to obtain all the blocks
Recipes to dye existing antiblocks
Chisel Modes and left click!
Recipes for the upgrades
Malfunctioning Fan texture
Made all recipes that use dyes support oredict dyes
Various issues with ice pillars
Crash when opening creative tab with an icon for a disabled block
Antiblocks not being chiselable
Various issues with presents
Crash when placing tool in Chisel UI
Rendering crash
Harvest level for some chisel blocks
Compatibility with Railcraft 9.5.x
Crash with null facade next to columns
Recipe conflict with Futura Block and CC Wired Modem
Issue with snakestone effect rendering
Issues with stairs
Sand having the wrong sound
Some assorted rendering and lighting issues
Antiblocks being chiselable between colors
Left click chiseling not going through oredict members of the group
Crash when left clicking certain blocks with the chisel
Serious bug allowing left-click chiseling to change blocks to incorrect types
Updated CodeChickenCore -
Downgraded CodeChickenLib -
Updated CoFHCore 3.0.0B9-40 - 3.0.0RC2-195
Updated ComputerCraft 1.65 - 1.73

Command Computers

New API: commands

New programs: commands, exec


Disk Drives and Printers can now be renamed with Anvils

Documented all the new features in the in-game help system

The “exec” program, commands.exec() and all related Command Computer functions now return the console output of the command.
Problems with HD texture packs
Various bug, crashes and exploits

Two multiplayer-only crash bugs when placing certain blocks.
Updated Extra Utilities 1.2.1 - 1.2.2
Support for connected textures with blocks that implement IBlockAppearance
All unstable tools to be the equivalent of their diamond counterparts, just with infinite durability
The unstable pickaxe and shovel no longer void items
Generator buffers to 100,000RF for 1x generators, 800,000RF for 8x generators, and 6,400,00RF for 64x generators
Generators not outputting to tiles that only implement IEnergyReciever
Updated Factorization -
The Twisting Dark Iron Block. It has the potential to mess up your world, so be careful with what you put on it. If things go really south with those features, as a last resort you can try deleting its dimension (see the config file). But first see if you can use the /fzds command to fix it.

"Read Redstone" servo instruction. Gets the redstone signal on the block the servo is pointing at
The Lost Map. It is now the starting point for Factorization. You will find it after getting the Diamonds achievement. Using the map will point you towards... the new source for the LMP, and a nice bit of Dark Iron and Logic Matrices. It can break, so don't use it too much! And you'll only get one, so don't drop it in lava!
The /deglitch command. Useful for escaping glitchy situations!
Gargantuan Bricks. I assure you that automatically crafting them is pretty easy.
Config for colossus spacing
Patreon barrel recipe! You can add more barrel recipes by supporting me on Patreon!

Made goo less buggy in creative mode

Made the manual handle weird items (eg, Forestry combs) more safely

Non-wood barrels have a different texture on the top

Double-punch a gooey block while holding goo to deselect everything
Rewrote dark iron ore spawning. They miiight have been causing worldgen crashes, especially with flat bedrock; hopefully they'll stop doing that, and they'll also be easier to find with flat bedrock as well.
Changed the bedrock texture and (less noticably) the Birch log texture.
Made DSEs immune to explosion knockback
Increase the generation weight of dark iron generation; this should resolve issues with flat bedrock
Taught the wither the true meaning of friendship (AKA made it not break bedrock anymore.)

Changed bedrock back to the vanilla texture

Made the (lightened) birch log texture a bit darker

Make colossi less willing to generate inside holes

Make colossi awakening grab a more reasonable quantity of blocks

Add "Count Items" servo instruction. Counts the number of items the servo's holding.
Mapwriter doesn't opening the wrong dimension
WorldClient crash
Crashes involving EntityRenderer & Explosion
Incompatability with Creeper Collateral
Bugs introduced by the previous bug-fix release. Testing is important!
Underped the localizations
Dimension ID config; however it is now in a different config file.

Crash when RFTools generates a dimension

Crash with Optifine. (However, there are still non-crashing issues with optifine.)
Downgraded Forge Multipart -
Updated Funky Locomotion beta-4 - beta-5a
iWrench - Advanced version of the wrench that shows obstructions but only while being held
Ability to left click 'Movers' (pushers/pullers/sliders) with the wrench of iWrench to trigger them to move
Support for blocks mimicking frame blocks
Movers now push blocks immediately but have a 5 tick cooldown
Dedicated server crash
Updated IndustrialCraft 2 2.2.676 - 2.2.684
Charging batteries
CESU tier charging batteries
Iridium to have harvest level 100
Crops to be localized properly
Crops to not use IDs any more
Stripped byte order marks from config lines
Improved crops backwards compatibility
Updated INpureCore 1.0.0B8-49 - 1.0.0B9-54
Issue where other mods using NEI config classes would break filtering
Issue with technic's launcher where filtering would break depending on the order of jars on the classpath
Updated Jabba 1.2.0a - 1.2.1
Config option to reverse behaviour of left clicking so a click is one item and a shift click is a stack
Dolly support for BluePower Machines by request of K-4U
Adjusted break texture from nothing to nearly nothing as a temporary work around for a Chisel bug that is being looked into
Dollied Monster Spawners now show the name of the entity they spawn in their item tool-tip
Tweaked texture generation to reduce incidences of blank textures
Fake input stack is now created on world load for barrels that need it
First ghost update sent to a client will now not (fake) clear a locked barrel if it is emptied
Recipes are now created using the OreDictionary name defined in the config file where appropriate. (Regression fix)
Block world texture generation now correctly works on structural levels which are multiples of 10
Added additional protection against invalid calls to Block Methods
Barrels with Creative Upgrades on them will now properly drop their actual stored amount when broken
Any barrels that have a structural upgrade higher than the current max tier after editing the config will now be downgraded and marked in the log to prevent NPE's
Hopper upgrades should no longer stack items in inventories greater than the inventory normally allows.
Updated MineFactory Reloaded 2.8.0RC6-5 - 2.8.0RC7-71
Updated NEI Addons -
ProjectE philosopher's stone support
MPSA crafting support to work with QXE version
Removed outdated TiC crafting station compat
Updated NEI Integration 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
More nullchecks in the railcraft handlers
Updated Not Enough Items -
Updated PneumaticCraft 1.5.6-59 - 1.6.3-65

Heat Sink, changed the Compressed Iron Block, and added Vortex Tube.

'Show Range' buttons to the Security Station and Universal Sensor. They now also won't show their range on startup.

Drone Interface recipe for when Open Computers is installed, but Computercraft isn't.

relative coordinates to drones!

External Program drone widget.

Programmers now apart from the player's inventory, will also use adjacent inventories to program.

Rebalanced the RF converters to produce/use 40RF/tick instead of 20RF/tick by default.

Balanced heat system.

Drones now will only charge at Charging Stations which aren't protectd by a Security Station which does not whitelist the player who placed down the Drone.

Drones now can be dyed.

Third party power converters now produce heat.

Removed Firework easter eggs.

Improved seed picking up and planting.

Programmers now can be set up to automatically program an item as soon as it gets inserted into the Programmer.

Crash when using Drone Condition: Item.

Drones get stuck when pathfinding over fences.

-Hopefully fixed a StackOverFlowException concerning heat logic

pneumatic tubes always spawn particles, instead of never.

Sometimes you glitch through an elevator when starting the elevator.

Crash with Elevators when having two or more Elevator Callers next to eachother.

Dupe bug with Liquid Hoppers.

NEI Pressure Chamber recipe handler shows that only 1 gunpowder is required in making an Etching Acid Bucket.

IGW entry for Drones is missing.
Updated Project Red -
Updated ComputerCraft compatibility
Updated Redstone Arsenal 1.1.0RC1-19 - 1.1.0RC2-43
Updated Thaumcraft -
Arcane levitator detects shift rather than checking if entity is sneaking
Wisp hitbox
Bone Bow recipe not checking if it is craftable against its own research instead of arcane stone
Possible fix for amber rendering crash
Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-162- 2.5-469
Updated Thermal Expansion 4.0.0B8-23 - 4.0.0RC2-129
Updated Thermal Foundation 1.0.0RC1-13 - 1.0.0RC3-56

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