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 Post subject: Now Hosting FTB Infinity 1.1.0
PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:00 pm 
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We have just added FTB Infinity to mPanel! Please make sure to update mPanel to version 1.19 to access FTB Infinity under Server Updates. We will be going with the current recommended version (currently v1.1.0) in the FTB launcher.

Here are the current changelogs for the modpack:

Version 1.1.0 Changes:

Added Thaumic Energistics
Updated Chisel 2 DEV- -

Serious bug allowing left-click chiseling to change blocks to incorrect types

Updated EnderIO -

Crash when placing ME Conduits

Updated iChunUtil 4.0.0 - 4.1.0

Compatibility for Tabula

Updated NEI Integration 1.0.5 - 1.0.6

Crash in Thermionic Fabricator handler

Updated RF Tools 2.40 - 2.42

Bibliocraft integration for RFTools manuals
Ability to recover worlds corrupted by shield camo system
Tooltip to show the number of modules
Dimlet IDs are now stored in the world rather than configs
The shield collision detection system now considers lit tnt, xp orbs and other non-living entities the same as items.
Shield camo system corrupting worlds
Shield blocks and matter transmitters being destructible
Problem with the crafting of larger/transparent screens crashing if the original screen wasn't placed in the right (top-left) slot.

Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-162 - 2.5-466

Config Changes

Disabled Mob and Animal Heads
Reduced group size of mobs that will spawn at once from 4 to 1
Decreased Spawn probability from 5 to 1


Enabled Version Checker

Version 1.0.2 Changes

Enabled Fastcraft by default
Added Headcrumbs 1.3.0
Removed Super Crafting Frame
Updated Agricraft 1.2.1 - 1.2.2
TConstruct scythes can be used for aoe harvesting (right click on crops to aoe harvest)
Cactus and mushroom crops
Configurable instant-growth for magical fertiliser
Crops for botania's petals
Growth rate configuration for sprinkler
The option to set the soil for a custom crop (this will require you to add one argument to all your custom crops)
The option to add and remove fruits from custom crops with minetweaker (multiple fruits have are weighted)
Crops can now be applied on sand and soul sand by default
Seeds now require the correct soil when being planted on a crop
Soil whitelist: whitelisted soils only apply to crops that need farmland
Crops will follow Hunger Overhaul's rules (Squeek502)
Hard runtime dependency on Botania
Seeds with identical stats sometimes not stacking
shapeless custom wood recipes not working correctly
Vanilla farming only disabling for farmland
Lag issues regarding the irrigation system (still being looked at)
Seed duplication bug involving the Seed Analyzer
Updated bdlib -
Crash on dedicated servers in SlotSet
Loss of fluids from ResourceDataSlot
Updated Botania r1.4-157 - r1.4-159
New Mana Lens: Warp
Petal Blocks of all 16 colors
Rod of the Unstable Reservoir and Rod of the Shaded Mesa now use Dreamwood twigs in the crafting recipe
Texture of the elfen rods
Potion IDs being set to a value over 127
Particle render messing up other mods' renders
CCrash with the force relay and warp lens
Particles being able to spawn in the client world and chunkloading
Updated Chisel 2 - DEV-
Config options to control the color overlay of HexBlocks
Config option to chisel across colours
Valentines Blocks
Ability for other mods to add/remove variations or register an ore dictionary via IMC
Malfunctioning Fan texture
Various issues with ice pillars
Crash when opening creative tab with an icon for a disabled block
Antiblocks not being chiselable
Various issues with presents
Crash when placing tool in Chisel UI
Rendering crash
Harvest level for some chisel blocks
Compatibility with Railcraft 9.5.x
Auto Chisel unlocalised name
Crash with null facade next to columns
Recipe conflict with Futura Block and CC Wired Modem
Issue with snakestone effect rendering
Downgraded CoFHCore 3.0.0B9-106 - 3.0.0B9-40
Updated EnderIO -
Forestry upgrades for DS armor
Speed downgrade for item conduits. Allows conduits to pull only one item at a time
All machines will now have progress tooltips on the progress animation
Hardened conduit facades. Have a higher hardness and blast resistance (TNT-proof) than normal facades.
Recipe to upgrade capacitors to the next tier
All blocks now support the vanilla breaking animation properly
Conduit connectors combine into a single box, this fixes z-fighting issues (especially with texture packs)
Split internal and external conduit connector textures
Some more default hoes added to the config
Localized GUI names, WAILA configs, and the rest of the tooltips
Improve double chest support on the mod item filter snapshot
Add support for sending grinding balls via IMC
All Killer Joes will now have the same UUID, for server admin purposes
Wither skeletons will now drop Tcon necrotic bones and respect Tcon beheading
Improve efficiency of wireless chargers
Refactor how all EIO blocks drop themselves, should resolve all? issues with such in the future
It is now possible to use the yeta wrench shift+left click in creative mode
Alloy smelter will now give smelting achievements (iron, fish)
Wireless charger will now keep its stored energy when picked up
EnderIO GUIs with tabs will move NEI items out of the way
Crash with iguana tweaks level ups in farm
Some crashes with facades and WAILA
Painted slabs will no longer drop in creative mode
Enchanter and yeta wrench tooltips
The alignment of the progress arrow in the slice'n'splice
IItemDuct methods not checking filters. This should allow machines pushing to conduits to be filtered properly
Wither skeletons not spawning and fix their equipment/rendering
Tooltips rendering underneath the IO config
IO config changing NEI item lighting
Item conduits pulling and preserving invalid stacksizes (fixes issues with filing cabinets)
Blocks not dropping in explosions
Buffers ignoring redstone mode
Painted glowstone and electric lights not dropping the correct items
Updated Gendustry -
Pollen Collection Kit - Allows tree breeding for those not interested in bees
Downgraded Inventory Tweaks 1.59-dev-152 - 1.58-147
Downgraded MFR 2.8.0RC6-43 - 2.8.0RC6-5
Updated Railcraft -
Regular Expression support to Dest and Name Routing Conditionals. Uses '?=' as keyword. Example: "Dest?=*.Hill"
Comparator support to Iron/Steel Tanks. (contribution by daniel and Yopu)
Thaumcraft Void Metal Crowbar (contribution by Yopu)
Packed Ice Stairs and Slabs.
Less Than/Greater Than modes to the Item Detector.
A new Routing Table conditional, "Type=<modid:itemname>", for matching against Minecart item names.
New Routing Table conditionals, "Ridden=<true/false>" and "Riding=<username>", for checking if someone is riding a train.
Ability to modify the Routing Table "Name=" conditional to accept "null" to indicate that the Minecart does not have a custom name.
Config option to explicitly disable the generation of new Tracking Aura blocks.
Analog Controller Box to be more flexible. It now allows ranges. (contribution by wooky)
Loosened up fluid transfer rates for Tanks and Boilers, we want to support mods other than Buildcraft better.
Rewrite Locking Track Logic to be more dependable (contribution by ssotangkur)
Don't send non-breakable-space (nbsp) characters to the Font Renderer as it seems that Minecraft can't correctly render them. Fixes issues with number formatting in certain locales.
Fix Tank Cart Item Rendering so its not randomly transparent.
Tweak Fluid Loader logic and add Fluid Filter slot. Fixes #442 Closes #421
Track Tiles should override shouldRefresh() to prevent metadata changes from wiping the TileEntity.
Fix particle velocity values.
Ensure that Gears and Plates are initialized in pre-init when Factory is disabled and Locomotives are enabled.
Fix the code that allows the Furnace Cart to accept any type of Fuel.
Fix Locomotive shift-clicking.
Fixed corruption issues with the Analog Controller Box, the two Distant Signal variants and the Signal Relay Box caused by reordering the metadata mappings when the Analog Controller Box was added.
Track Layer now ignores plants. (Yopu)
Possible fix for IC2 EnergyNet issues (Issue #404)
Various minor fixes to Force Tracks. Make unbreakable and remove from creative.
Tweak track item creation, should eliminate stacking issues.
Locomotives shouldn't forget Emblems when broken.
Add a hack to keep Gregtech from removing my Locomotive Painting and Emblem recipes.
Updated RFTools 2.31b - 2.40
Counter logic block to count redstone pulses
Liquid Monitor block
Two new special dimlets: Mediocre efficiency and Shelter
New dimlet construction mechanic
Uses a Dimlet workbench which uses essences such as Biome Absorber, Material Absorber, Liquid Absorber, Mob blood (which can be extracted via syringe)
Default speed of the storage scanner by double
Crafter tooltips to show the correct amount of supported recipes
Handling of all RFTools containes (inventories) to be a bit smarter
Screen systems
There is now a large version of the screen
There is also a transparent version of both normal and large screen
Energy, fluid and dimension modules now have text formatting options
Shield systems
New animated texture, you can also set the color of the shield
Shield solid block rendering now supports more blocks and in a more correct manner
Added tier 2 shield that can handle up to 1024 blocks
Default power settings for the shield
Simplified the shield blocks. This means minecraft will complain when you load an existing map that several blocks have been removed
Bug that made several types of mob dimlets not work properly
Crash with invalid fluids
Dimension related crash at disconnect in some situations
Updated Runic Dungeons 0.9.4 - 1.0.2
Ender Belt
Boss Room Prep
Trap nullification wand
Dungeon guardian
Runic Glass
Obsidian-Infused Glass
Removed diamonds from top of world
Various bugs
Recipe Crash
Crash on loading game
Key not spawning in correctly
Rooms not spawning correctly
Updated ttCore 0.1.0-48 - 0.1.0-66
Texture Error Remover
Right clicking crops not dropping everything it should
XP Boost dropping XP orbs that have 0 XP
XP boost going on armor
Bad JSON syntax in default config
Dedicated server crash
Shift click in furnace container to go to fuel slot first
Updated Waila 1.5.8a - 1.5.9
Hearts going out of tooltip
Text vs Hearts display is now based on max health, not current health
Protected rendering call. Should solve crashes on load from some mods (Thaumcraft included)
Internal lists to prevent a whole Waila tooltip corruption happening in some cases
Handler insertion order not being enforced properly
Recipe Changes
Binnie's Mods
Changed recipe for trowels

Config Changes
Disabled generic death message (when named entities die)
Disabled update notifications
Disabled version checker
Disabled void fog in all dimensions (was previously only overworld)

Version 1.0.1 Changes:

Disabled Opis by default
Updated Botania r1.4-154 - r1.4-157
Added a proper config for potion IDs rather than letting them auto-assign.
Changed the Ring of Chordata to check for air levels a bit better so it works properly with Mariculture.
Moved the Crafting Table HUD icon on the Assembly Halo down a bit so it doesn't render behind the text.
Moved the Greater Band of Aura's output back a bit, it's not as strong as it used to be, but it's a bit better than last update.
Removed the text that states Terrasteel Armor has HP boost as that was removed last version.
The Gaia Guardian now has slighty better fake player checker code and can no longer be killed by TT dynamism tablets. Sorry!
The Greater Bands of Aura and Mana are now crafted both with a single Terrasteel Ingot rather than two.
The Soujourner's and Globetrotter's Sashes now actively try to change step height rather than on equip only.
Thermalilies are now faster and make more mana per bucket of lava. However, after they go in a cooldown period after consuming a bucket. Also removed the obsidian config option as it's pretty useless anyway and made it non-elven knowledge again.
Fixed Ancient Wills working without the full armor set.
Fixed Black Lotuses spawning on jungle temple dispensers rather than chests.
Fixed Mobs' AI getting stuck in the terrasteel plate.
Fixed the floating flowers with effects being affected by Enchanted Soil.
Fixed the mana cost bar rendering more than once in the lexicon or NEI if a recipe with more than 100k mana cost was inserted via the api or minetweaker.
Fixed a crash when the Elementium Axe killed a player and dropped a skull.
Fixed the game completely freezing on the mojang splash screen on some AMD graphics cards. Technical details can be found here.
Fixed the Mana Enchanter adding enchantments twice to items that already have an NBT compound for some reason.
Fixed the Trodden Dirt Slabs giving the wrong block when picked in creative.
Added a sanity check in the case that a brew is null for some reason, previously it would crash the nei lookup.
Changed the film grain shader again to fix AMD cards not working, again.
Fixed Overgrowth Seeds not generating as chest loot.
Updated RFTools 2.31a - 2.31b
Bug when playing on a server where teleporting from the overworld to an RFTools dimension would cause the client to crash
Updated Solar Expansion 1.4d - 1.4d-fix

Config Changes
Disabled Salt

Recipe Changes
Runic Dungeons
Changed Basic Belt recipe

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