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 Post subject: Pixelmon 3.4 Released
PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:42 pm 
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The Pixelmon team has just released Pixelmon 3.4. Current customers may update under mPanel under Server Updates > Pixelmon. Here are the patch notes from the Pixelmon team:


Added Overcoat
Added Magic Guard
Added Wonder Skin
Added Trace
Added Super Luck
Added Steadfast
Added Weak Armour
Added Water Veil
Added Iron Fist
Added Reckless
Added Rock Head
Added Competitive
Added Defiant
Added Contrary
Added Simple
Added Unaware
Added Forewarn
Added Frisk


Added Psyshock
Added Psystrike
Added Frost Breath
Added Storm Throw
Added Taunt
Added Present
Added Wring Out


Added real time capability for servers (single player works too), extends day cycle to 24 hours - Affects spawns
Added Shiny Shuckles texture
Added Status Markers


Held item is consumed upon evolution
Check added for the correct time of day to evolve
Removed unused function in Contrary
Fixed increased critical ratios
Removed duplicate variables in AttackModifierBase, already inherited from EffectBase
Critical hits now ignore positive defence boosts and negative attack modifier
Allowed EV berries to raise happiness when EV is 0.
Intimidate now uses allowsStatChange
Clear Smog now does damage
Haze now affects everyone in double battles.
Clear Smog only affects the target.
Made following real world time off by default (change in the Pixelmon config)
Corrected the number of obtainable gems in the config
Simplified ApplyStatEffect
Missing doesn't trigger contact abilities
Temple blocks now connect to glass panes
Make mod stairs connect to glass (roof layouts etc)
Print statement to track down battle NPEs
Make ItemBlock trigger protection events (Worldguard compatability)
Sash now re-positions on crouch


Fixed a battle bug with echoed voice
Fixed partially trapping moves
Fixed Clear Body/Hyper Cutter preventing target from getting its statistics raised (Swagger)
Fixed Wonder Guard preventing status moves
Fixed Ditto + Ditto passing Limber
Fixed modifiedMoveStats having no effect
Fixed up held items not saving into the database
Fixed critical hits using the opponent’s Attack/Special Attack
Fixed flinching failing if the USER has inner focus
Fixed user induced statistic drops activating Defiant/Competitive
Fixed Burn claiming failure with moves that have burn as a secondary effect

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