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 Post subject: Pixelmon 3.2.4 Released!
PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:06 pm 
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We are please to announce the Pixelmon team has released Pixelmon 3.2.4. This build has been released as a recommended build and we are very hopeful that it will address the numerous stability issues we have been seeing with Pxelmon since the 3.2.x release. Current customers can update under Server Updates > Pixelmon in mPanel.

New Stuff

Added Wailmer and Wailord - Models by Edeodin / Animated by ZeeCount
Added Ariados and Spinarak - Models by Nova Spartan / Animated by ZeeCount
Added new Spearow model - Model by Harbinger / Animated by ZeeCount
Added French and Japanese translations in
Added new render distance weight to config
Added Vitamins
Added picking moves based on type and adding a flee chance to wild Pokemon
Added extra boost to flee chance for higher level difference
Added fleeing reduction if opponent Pokemon is low
Added model smoothing as a config option


New Flying AI
New AI for choosing moves
Pokespawn now supports multiple dimensions
Added check for multi turn moves to make sure pp goes down if the opponent faints earlier in the move sequence
Buff from boots no longer applies when held in hand
Linked up translations for TMs/HMs
Updated animations for Torchic, Combusken and Blaziken - ZeeCount
Updated animations for Drifblim and Drifbloom - Karrybird
Smoothed Drifblim and Drifbloom
Removed Y component of render distance calculation for birds that are flying
Reduced number of Pokemon that can spawn in a single chunk
Tweak to music ticking
Removed Mega-Mewtwo
Made struggle type less

Bug Fixes

Fixed Spawning in Sunflower Plains
Preserve moves after evolve
Fixed move set not refreshing when changing Pixelmon view
Corrected chat for multiple hit moves
Fixed super effective chat lines for moves that return attackHandled true
Fixed substitute not fading
Fixed leaf stone ore and colour issue with the spawner GUI
Fixed small possible pokechest issue (similar to trainer crash)
Fix to fog crash when reloading while mounted in the air
Fixed an issue with level detection
Fix to Mareep rendering in evolution
Fixed a crash from certain ids being put into drop list for trainers
Fixed darkening of Pokedex when a downpour was on
Fix to Pokemon re-positioning after a failed capture outside of battle.
Fix to NPC trade packet
Fix to a Transform crash

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