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 Post subject: Pixelmon 5.0 (Stable/Recommended) Released
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:51 pm 
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The Pixelmon team has just released Pixelmon 5.0.0 Stable/Recommended!

For customers currently running any Beta build, we highly recommend that you update.

Current customers may update to version 5.0.0 through mPanel under Server Updates > Pixelmon > Click the Pixelmon 5 button an allow the install to complete.

Version 5.0.0



Added Zigzagoon
Added Linoone
Added Wurmple
Added Silcoon
Added Beautifly
Added Cascoon
Added Dustox
Added Lotad
Added Lombre
Added Ludicolo
Added Taillow
Added Swellow
Added Surskit
Added Masquerain
Added Slakoth
Added Vigoroth
Added Slaking
Added Whismur
Added Loudred
Added Exploud
Added Makuhita
Added Hariyama
Added Azurill
Added Mawile
Added Electrike
Added Manectric
Added Volbeat
Added Illumise
Added Budew
Added Roselia
Added Roserade
Added Gulpin
Added Swalot
Added Torkoal
Added Spoink
Added Grumpig
Added Spinda
Added Cacnea
Added Cacturne
Added Barboach
Added Whiscash
Added Baltoy
Added Claydol
Added Castform
Added Kecleon
Added Shuppet
Added Banette
Added Duskull
Added Dusclops
Added Dusknoir
Added Chingling
Added Chimecho
Added Snorunt
Added Glalie
Added Froslass
Added Clamperl
Added Huntail
Added Gorebyss
Added Relicanth
Added Luvdisc
Added Latias
Added Latios
Added Jirachi
Added Deoxys
Added Combee
Added Vespiquen
Added Bonsly
Added Happiny
Added Uxie
Added Mesprit
Added Azelf
Added Chespin
Added Quilladin
Added Chesnaught
Added Fennekin
Added Braixen
Added Delphox
Added Froakie
Added Frogadier
Added Greninja
Updated Sandshrew model
Updated Sandslash model
Updated Growlithe model
Updated Arcanine model
Updated Abra model
Updated Kadabra model
Updated Alakazam model
Updated Machop model
Updated Machoke model
Updated Machamp model
Updated Slowpoke model
Updated Slowbro model
Updated Onix model
Updated Mr. Mime model
Updated Magikarp animations
Updated Gyarados model
Updated Ditto model
Updated Porygon model
Updated Articuno model
Updated Zapdos model
Updated Moltres model
Updated Dratini model
Updated Dragonair model
Updated Dragonite model
Updated Totodile model
Updated Croconaw model
Updated Feraligatr model
Updated Porygon2 model
Updated Porygon-Z model


Updated all battle mechanics to Generation 6
Added Fairy type
Added Generation 6 moves
Updated Pokémon level-up movesets to Generation 6
Updated experience calculation to Generation 6
Added TMs for Infestation, Nature Power, Power-Up Punch, Dazzling Gleam, and Confide
Added Assault Vest, Kee Berry, Luminous Moss, Maranga Berry, Pixie Plate, Roseli Berry, Safety Goggles, Snowball, and Weakness Policy
Added Ability Capsule
Added Deep Sea Scale, Deep Sea Tooth, Oval Stone, and Reaper Cloth
Added Exp. All
Added five new music tracks ("Clear Skies", "Dawn", "Dusk", "Midnight", "The Great Plains")
Added sounds for Articuno, Hoppip, Magmortar, Rayquaza, Rhyperior, and Tyranitar


Added recipe for Exp. Share
Added "/redeem toggle sash" command to toggle sash visibility
Allowed Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos to learn Reflect
Made non-land Pokémon follow their owners
Moved Exp. Share to tier 2 special drops
Prevented servers from blocking /redeem
Remixed several existing music tracks ("A Simple Moment by the Sea", "Across the Desert", "Distant Shores", "Journey to the Sky", "On the Wings of Adventure", "Pixelmon Waltz", "The Enchanted Forest")
Updated conditions needed to trigger Halloween special textures
Updated Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Spanish translations


Fixed an item duplication issue
Fixed camera during evolution
Fixed carpets and slabs blocking Pokémon from being sent out
Fixed click area of Pokédex scroll bar
Fixed crash with picket fences
Fixed editing male-only Pokémon to be female with the Pokémon editor
Fixed form text box persisting incorrectly in the Pokémon editor
Fixed Halloween special textures only working on the first night of the world
Fixed issues with missing Pokémon textures
Fixed Leaf Stone tool error
Fixed NPCs not spawning in structures spawned with /struc command
Fixed Pixelmon spawner allowing invalid spawn locations
Fixed Pixelmon spawners not working when using the water spawn location
Fixed Pokémon spawned with /pokespawn not moving
Fixed priority of Protect, Detect, and Endure
Fixed random Pokémon from Eggs, /pokespawn, and /pokegive ignoring Generation config settings
Fixed rendering issue with enchanted armor
Fixed sending out Pokémon not working after changing worlds
Fixed Speed Boost activating upon switching in
Fixed stats displaying incorrectly for newly hatched Pokémon
Fixed Swinub texture
Fixed Thunder Bolt being only graphical and not affecting the world
Fixed View Wiki button in the Pokédex
Fixed Wailmer Pail not affecting Apricorn trees
Fixed world time sync being six hours ahead
Marked replaceMCVillagers config setting to require restarting Minecraft

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