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About Us

Welcome to Minecraft Server Host. We have been fully dedicated to hosting the awesome world of minecraft since it's Alpha release in 2010.

Our principles have always remained the same. We utilize only the best hardware and facilities available, along with world class customer support. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best minecraft server hosting experience they will ever have.

We love the game of minecraft and truly enjoy hosting the game for our customers. We are proud of the level of service we offer and we care about our clients.

With our service you will get what you pay for the plan you choose. We cap each of our server nodes so that every customer gets the resources they were promised with the hosting plan they purchased. While this doesn't allow us to compete with bargain bin host's it gives us a piece of mind that we are actually offering premium minecraft hosting. Just ask yourself this question: Would you rather have your minecraft server hosted alongside hundreds of other servers or hosted on one of our capped server nodes with less than half that amount?


Minecraft servers require a massive amount of resources compared to most other games and software applications that are commonly hosted today. Over the last three years we have developed and optimized our hosting infrastructure to meet minecraft's tough demands. Our servers are powered by industry leading hardware with intel xeon processors and high performance ssd drives. Each machine is provisioned with it's own isolated and truly secure vps environment so you do not share your operating system files with other minecraft servers. We only use Linux operating systems for maximum performance and stability.

We have the fastest hardware available

  • High ghz/capacity processors: Intel Xeon E5 1650 V2 at 3.5ghz (3.9ghz turbo), Intel Xeon E5 1620 V1/V2 at 3.6ghz to 3.7ghz (3.9ghz turbo) and Intel Xeon E3 1270 V3 3.5ghz (3.9ghz turbo).
  • The Fastest Drives: Only Intel and Samsung ssd drives.

Say Goodbye to Overselling

This is where the rubber meets the road and what keeps us a notch above when it comes to performance. We place less than half the customers per server node as per the industry average. When you purchase a server from a typical minecraft provider today you are placed on a server node with anywhere from 50 to 100+ other minecraft servers. This is an excellent business strategy if your focus is to make the maximum profit out of your servers. It is the industry standard, and there are plenty of customers out there willing to pay peanuts for minecraft hosting that offers sub-par performance. Thankfully for us our demographic is not and never will be the bargain-bin chaser. Our customers are minecraft server owners who understand that what you pay for is what you get. They like high performance servers and won't settle for anything less. When they order a server from us it's not going to be a zoo with hundreds of other minecraft servers all fighting for the small trough of server resources. We place less minecraft servers per node because that is where true performance comes from. The less people you are sharing your resources with the better your performance and experience will be.

Our Control Panel

Our mPanel control panel has been developed from two main sources: 1) Feedback from our customers 2) The knowledge we have gained since we started hosting minecraft servers back in alpha. mPanel is not a one size fits all control panel. It is specifically designed to provide customers with an easy to use, yet powerful server tool that gives them complete control over all aspects of their server. For more details and screenshots, click here.


We consider our hosting network to be of vital importance. Our customers deserve the best there is, period. That is why our premium network offers low latency, high throughput, redundancy, uptime and the reliability you would come to expect from a Top Notch provider. With our datacenters in Dallas, Texas. Los Angeles, California. Tampa Bay, Florida. NYC, New York. our network performs at excellent speeds, reaching your players efficiently regardless of their location.

Affiliate program

Our Affiliate program is easy to sign-up for and free to join. By signing up you provide yourself the opportunity to earn recurring credit each month your referral continues as a customer. You may use these funds to purchase any service on minecraftserverhost.net's website. If you sell even one $30 per month server, you can earn as much as $9 per month as long as they stay a customer. Sell a few servers and in no time you will either have a huge discount every month or not be paying at all! Visit this page for more details.

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